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Save The Travel Industry: 25,000 Petition Signatures, Next Stop 50k

Since launching the 'Save The Travel Industry' message on Monday, we've now clocked up over 25,000 petition signatures and been overwhelmed by the incredible support from each and every one of you.

Since launching the ‘Save The Travel Industry’ message on Monday, we’ve now clocked up over 25,000 petition signatures and been overwhelmed by the incredible support from each and every one of you.

On Monday, Australian travel industry leaders teamed up to launch a Save The Travel Industry campaign.

The national campaign aims to support the already excellent work of travel and tourism industry individuals, businesses and associations to put pressure on the Australian government to extend support to the tourism industry for the scheduled end of JobKeeper on 28 March.

Save The Travel Industry

In fact, since writing this, our petition has actually crept up to over 26,000 signatures, calling for action.

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported and shared the campaign far and wide so far.

Let’s keep pushing the message and raise as much awareness as we can.

We truly are – Together In Travel

Save The Travel Industry

As well as an epic 26,000+ signatures, #SaveTheTravelIndustry has been picked up across mainstream media including – where the launch video featuring CATO Chair, Dennis Bunnik has been seen by millions of Australians.

“Our fear is the total collapse of the industry which will not only be devastating for those working in travel but will have a serious impact on Australian’s ability to travel and explore the world safely once this crisis is over,” said Dennis, CATO Chair.

An article was published on Smart Company earlier in the week too.

Karryon & Travel to Change the World founder, Matt Leedham told Smart Company “We’re really seeing the word getting out there and people doing what they can to get the message out to Australians because this is as much about consumers as it is about the industry.”

“What we’re trying to do is bring the travel industry together, in the final hour, to see it through until borders reopen,”

Matt Leedham, Karryon & Travel to Change the World founder

It’s also been fantastic to see fellow trade media outlets come together with TravelTalk covering the campaign with a full story as well as receiving a mention in Travel Daily. Thanks, legends!

Save The Travel Industry

AFTA has also backed the campaign, urging the federal government to improve the $128 million Travel Support Program, which offered cash grants of $1,500 to $100,000 to travel agents, depending on their turnover.

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The ‘Save the travel industry’ Facebook frame has now had over 7,000 downloads and the online campaign toolkit has had over 300 downloads, bringing to life the support of passionate Australian industry advocates volunteering their time to get behind the cause.

How can you get involved?

You can support the cause too by; downloading the online campaign toolkit, sharing the #SaveTheTravelIndustry creative assets on social media and your own marketing channels.

You can also sign and share the petition.

Let’s keep working together to make sure the Government understands that until international borders reopen, our industry needs ongoing tailored support.