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SEADREAM SECRETS: SeaDream To Expand Sailings To The Black Sea


SeaDream Yacht Club describes a voyage on one of their luxury boats as much like staying in a small boutique hotel that transports passengers to fascinating and exciting destinations around the world at a relaxing pace.

We sat down with VP of Sales For SeaDream Yacht Club Jannicke Daae Rognstad to unlock some SeaDream Yacht Club secrets; from new destinations they will be sailing to their new outdoor ship in Norway.


What destinations are you seeing a surge in interest in?

Karry On - SeaDream

We’ve recently launched sailing to Israel and another exciting destination coming in 2021 is the Black Sea.

People definitely want to go back to the Black Sea. A few years ago, if something happened to a country, people stopped going there, but I think it’s different now. The media doesn’t scare travellers as much anymore. People feel safe travelling; so they are still going to destinations such as the Black Sea and Istanbul.

So we’re adding that to our amazing 90+ different ports in the Mediterranean.

The Greek Islands are absolutely back! I don’t know if it was the Mamma Mia film but the islands are a hot spot.

We’ve also found that even famous places, like Ibiza, are popular. People want to venture to the small parts of the island, avoid the beach parties and visit the small, more hidden places.


Why are people choosing yachting over cruising?

Karry On - SeaDream

I think it’s the sights. It is like staying in a small boutique hotel, that takes you to different ports. A benefit of the small ship is that we come in early and we leave late.

Small ships are more about the food and the service. It’s amazing when the boat anchors up in 6-metre deep water and guests can go swimming, straight from the yachts.


Who are the ideal clients for SeaDream?

Karry On - SeaDream

I think the ideal client is someone who wants to explore destinations in depth at a relaxing pace.

If you have clients that want to experience a lot in a short time, maybe book them on more than just one voyage. You can easily spend two or three weeks in the Mediterranean. Our cruises are the perfect way of seeing and experiencing a lot, without packing your suitcase.

I would absolutely recommend SeaDream to anyone that is a foodie. The food is amazing. The dining experience is relaxed and very elegant. You can dine outside for most of the meals too. You don’t need to wear a tie or a suit, and I think that appeals to the Australian market.

When it comes to the age group, I would say it’s suitable for everyone. Couples or families with kids from 10 years and up.


Do you have any opportunities for Australian agents to see the ships?

Karry On - SeaDream

We have special agent rates for agents and when the ships are in Australia in 2022, there will be opportunities to board the ships for lunch or dinner. Just let us know and we will arrange that.


Can you tell us what you’re doing to support sustainability in cruising?

Karry On - SeaDream

The new ship that we are building – Seadream Innovation – is a hybrid ship and we are looking at making everything as sustainable as possible. We’re looking into electricity usage, the food we use and all the ways to build a sustainable future.


Do you have any tips and tricks to help Australian travel agents to sell SeaDream?

Karry On - SeaDream

I think SeaDream is a storytelling product. Guests love the ambience and more than 60% of the Australian guests book another of our trips when they return home. Some customers rearrange their trip so they can stay longer. We once had a family that ended up staying a month onboard.

It is a very relaxed environment and there are lots of opportunities to eat and spend time outdoors. When you’re on most cruise ships, most of the things happen inside. So I think for anyone who really likes to have the wind in their hair our product is the one to send your clients on.


Is there anything else you would like Australian travel agents to know about?

Karry On - SeaDream

I would like to let them know about our new ship, Seadream Innovation. It’s an outdoor ship which is probably quite new. So even when you’re up in Norway, you can still sit outside and eat your meals. It will be heated over you and it can be glass walls that will come and protect you from the wind. So you can still feel like you’re sitting in the environment, and eat, and dine, and have a drink.

I would also say book now because the voyages will be sold out soon!

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