A “high maintenance” looking man and woman sitting in an exit row were kicked off an Air New Zealand flight this week after refusing to listen to the safety briefing.

The plane which was departing Wellington Airport bound for Auckland had to return to the gate after the unruly passengers refused to view a card detailing the flight’s safety instructions.

Stuff reported an eye-witness account of the event, with a nearby passenger reporting that the video started playing and the flight attendant held up the safety card, but the woman started looking down at her book.

“She soon picked up her phone, and both she and her male travel companion were looking at their phones.”

Eye witness

By all reports, a very patient flight attendant politely said: “Can you please watch what’s happening because this is the exit row”.

“The flight attendant was super kind and kept asking her, but the woman put her fingers in her ears”. Sorry, what? Fingers in her ears?

The witness described the behaviour as “shockingly arrogant”.

Rather than being embarrassed about the way they were acting, the two apparently appeared “chuffed about the whole thing.”

The couple were removed from the plane, with police waiting for them in the terminal.

A police spokeswoman said one of the passengers received an infringement notice under Civil Aviation Authority rules relating to the use of a cellphone.

What’s the most arrogant behaviour you’ve seen on a plane?