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SKROO FC VS THE ABC: Flight Centre leader tells it like it really is to staff

Flight Centre Travel Group' CEO Graham 'Skroo' Turner has responded to staff in light of the investigative ABC 7.30 Report allegations.

Flight Centre Travel Group’ CEO Graham ‘Skroo’ Turner has responded to staff in light of the investigative ABC 7.30 Report allegations.

This is what Skroo Turner had to say in a direct email sent out to all Flight Centre Travel Group staff this morning.

“The story is based on various allegations that in most cases are untrue and are not widely held by our people.

We believe we have a very strong and positive culture, which is generally celebrated and has in fact led to us winning a number of awards. Many of these awards are based on your feedback.

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In terms of pay and conditions, we strongly denied the allegations that the ABC put to us, particularly in relation to our people being paid below Award levels.

It’s disappointing that these allegations, which in some cases appear to have been provided anonymously by our people, have been aired publicly but it has also highlighted the need to move to simpler and easier to understand the model, which we are doing with the EBA (Enterprise bargaining agreement).

The EBA is reliant on us ensuring that our people are better off overall and we have already made this commitment to you.


As you will know, margins are generally paid to the company by the supplier. Our margin information is publicly available and it does not support claims that either excessive marking up is taking place or that it is happening more frequently.

As outlined in our philosophies, we strongly believe in a fair margin and we monitor this proactively.

Competitive forces obviously dictate prices and there are additional safeguards for our customers to use in the form of price beat positions and price drop protection.


Both LAG (Lowest Airfares Guaranteed) and PDP (Price Drop Protection) are well-known customer value propositions and they resonate very strongly with our customers. Please continue to reinforce these messages as they give customers additional peace of mind in relation to the pricing that we offer.

I believe that our people overall are proud of our company, its culture and its values.

Flight Centre wants to know how you feel, so please let us know via Workplace on Skroo’s News.”

What do you think of the ABC’s investigation?