AJ Hackett Bungy and Air New Zealand have a bit in common…because like Air New Zealand, the Kiwi bungy jumping company is also committed to keeping people safe as they fly through the air.

With this in mind, AJ Hackett Bungy has put forward their case to collaborate with Air New Zealand on their next inflight safety video.

AJ Hackett says safety is their thing, after all, they do have a spotless safety record over 30 years of throwing people off bridges. Kind of impressive right?

To show what a great fit they’d be with Air New Zealand, they’ve put together tongue-in-cheek ‘trailer’ which you can watch above.

Featuring AJ Hackett Bungy co-founder Henry van Asch and a host of Bungy crew, the clip highlights inflight safety through a range of Bungy activities.

This includes Nevis Catapult, New Zealand’s highest Bungy jump and the world’s most famous swing, alongside the world’s original Bungy at the Kawarau Bridge.


Image: James Morgan Photography

“It’s not such a stretch to think that New Zealand’s most safety conscious and iconic tourism businesses would work together.”

AJ Hackett Bungy co-founder Henry van Asch

The clip follows Air New Zealand’s callout on Twitter for a new ‘Head of Safety Videos’.

The job description reads: “Air New Zealand safety videos are the pride and joy of our nation. They help keep our customers safe and showcase our great country to the world. So coming up with another smash hit is going to be…tricky.”


“We believe we’ve come up with the perfect combination of safety and the adventurous Kiwi spirit this country is known around the world for,” Henry van Asch added.

“We’re looking forward to hearing back from Air New Zealand.”

Do you think this is the perfect collab?