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Sold! 12.3m Qantas Frequent Flyer points dropped on ultimate experiences

A handful of Qantas Frequent Flyer members have dropped a whopping 12.3 million Qantas Points to secure a range of exclusive items and experiences in the first-ever Qantas Frequent Flyer online Points Auction.

A handful of Qantas Frequent Flyer members have dropped a whopping 12.3 million Qantas Points to secure a range of exclusive items and experiences in the first-ever Qantas Frequent Flyer online Points Auction.

Held over five days, an item a day was up for grabs daily, including a private charter flight for a day, a luxurious New Zealand getaway, a 787 simulator session, a soccer coaching clinic and two pre-loved A380 Business Class Skybeds.

The auction attracted tens of thousands of visitors to the site, with the 787 Simulator experience going for 24 times more than the starting bid and the Queenstown holiday package for 13 times more than the starting bid.

Here’s all of the auction results and how many points were burned to win what.

What would you have chosen?

1. Take the 787 simulator for a spin with one of Qantas’ most experienced Captains

Qantas Fleet Operations Manager Lisa Norman and Qantas Chief Technical Pilot Alex Passerini

A 2.5-hour session under the personal instruction of one of Qantas’s most experienced Captains – Qantas Chief Technical Pilot Alex Passerini, or Qantas Fleet Operations Manager Lisa Norman, who operated Qantas’ inaugural B787 flight from Perth to London non-stop.

  • Starting bid = 50,000 Points
  • Winning bid = 1,200,001 Points worth an estimated AU$25,000

Qantas Frequent Flyer Danny Wallis was the successful bidder on the 787-9 simulator session and the private Dash-8 charter flight and plans to take 30 friends on a day trip to Tasmania for lunch at a winery.

“Normally, I spend my points to upgrade my family to First Class on our annual trip to Europe, but with international travel off the cards at the moment, the Points Auction was a fantastic way to break the monotony of lockdowns and give us an experience to look forward to.”

2. Take off on a luxe holiday for four to Queenstown New Zealand

Eichardt’s Private Hotel, Queenstown

How does four return Qantas Business class flights to Queenstown, penthouse accommodation for three nights at Eichardt’s Private Hotel with all the trimmings including a private chef and a fully-stocked minibar and private dining on a superyacht sound? Err, pretty good, we reckon, as did the winning bidder.

  • Starting bid = 300,000 Points
  • Winning bid = 3,765,000 Points worth an estimated AU$75,000
  • It attracted the greatest number of bids of all 5 items

3. Teach the kids mad skills at a private soccer coaching clinic with Socceroos Coach Graham Arnold

Get the oranges ready! In this hour-long training session for up to 20 children hosted in NSW, the kids will warm up, be taken through drills and skills and play a game.

  • Starting bid = 100,000 Points
  • Winning bid = 501,000 Points worth an estimated AU$10,000
  • The winning bid was placed 3 seconds before the auction ended

Matthew Hartley was the successful bidder on the children’s coaching clinic with Socceroos’ coach Graham Arnold and said he was excited to spend his points on a unique experience that his son’s soccer team could enjoy in their local area while travel remained on pause for now.

“My son is an enthusiastic 8-year-old soccer player for the Sutherland Sharks, and with the soccer season coming to an abrupt and early end due to COVID, it is a great opportunity for the team to train together again when restrictions ease.”

“Typically, I would use my points for redemptions on Qantas Wine and Business Class tickets, but this coaching clinic is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will mean a great deal to both our kids and our coach.”

4. Take home two of your own Qantas A380 Business class Skybeds

Described as the ‘hottest seats in the house, these two pre-loved A380 Business class Skybeds are ready to be reclined in the successful bidder’s home to sip champagne and who knows what else on. Sweet dreams!

  • One bidder placed 19 bids
  • Starting bid = 350,000 Points
  • Winning bid = 2,000,000 Points worth an estimated AU$40,000

5. A private charter flight to Byron Bay, Hamilton Island or Devonport inclusive of premium Qantas hospitality

Qantas Dash-8

Imagine inviting up to 30 of your nearest and dearest to take off on your private Qantas Dash-8 and enjoy Qantas’ renowned hospitality in the lounge and inflight? Epic!

Choose from three destinations: Sydney to Byron Bay, Brisbane to Hamilton Island or Melbourne to Devonport. Decisions, decisions…

  • Starting bid = 1,200,000 Points
  • Winning bid = 4,848,484 Points worth an estimated AU$90,000

Qantas Loyalty CEO Olivia Wirth said the excitement generated by the Points Auction shows how much Qantas Frequent Flyers value these types of exclusive opportunities.

“We are absolutely thrilled by the response to this initiative and are already planning what prizes we will offer for our second Points Auction later in the year. Early requests include more luxury travel experiences and Qantas memorabilia, so the challenge is on to see what we can come up with.”