Ain’t no better travel deal out there right now! BridgeClimb is celebrating its 21st birthday by reducing Harbour Bridge climbs to 1998 prices – that’s from $98!

So if you haven’t already followed Oprah, Hugh Jackman, Derek Zoolander or the Gate 7 crew (pictured below) up the Harbour Bridge already, then now’s the time.


The Gate 7 crew with San Francisco Travel climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The throwback $98 price will be available to book from 9.00am on 12 September 2019 for the 1st of October 2019.

As a special treat, the entire climb will be tailored the 90s with BridgeClimb playing 90s music (Outkast, Jay Z, Madonna, etc), and offering 21st-century sweets (including Darrell Lea).


Master Climbers who have scaled the summit several times since 1998 will also be around to share stories of how the scene around the arches has changed over the years. There’ll even be one person who’s climbed it 133 times!

BridgeClimb’s Chief Executive, Chris Zumwalt, said the throwback prices are a “very small thank you” to Sydneysiders who have embraced the attraction for over 21 years.


“Our 21st is a milestone and October is going to be one of the most memorable months to come back for a climb or to tick the experience off the bucket list.”

Chris Zumwalt, BridgeClimb Chief Executive

See you on top!

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