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Take Off: Rex Ready To Boost Canberra's Economy By $191 Million

Rex has launched flights today between Sydney and Canberra in a move to create several hundred new jobs and boost the national economy.

Rex has launched flights today between Sydney and Canberra in a move to create several hundred new jobs and boost the national economy.

Regional Express (Rex) has launched flights between Sydney and Canberra today and says that the new route will provide a direct annual economic boost of nearly $200 million to the national capital, according to data analysis by respected public policy evaluation and consultancy firm, Urbis*.

The study found that stimulus will also create several hundred new jobs.

The findings were released as the first Rex flight from Sydney to Canberra touched down just before eight o’clock this morning.

Sydney – Canberra

REX Canberra

The airline says the Saab 340 service, one of seven return flights each weekday, heralds the return of competition on the route and the introduction of more affordable, $99 one-way fares.

“This is less than a third of the average price of a Qantas ticket for the same flight,” Rex said in a statement.

“Australia needs Rex if it is to have competitive airline services of a high quality,” Deputy Chairman, the Hon John Sharp AM said.

“Because one thing’s for sure – Qantas has been gouging the domestic market and Canberra is a very good example of that. Qantas’s behaviour has cost the ACT economy enormously.”

Deputy Chairman, the Hon John Sharp AM

“Our $99 fare on the Canberra route is no different from those offered elsewhere on our network, all day and every day.”

REX Canberra

Rex believes the flights, which represent an extra 160,000 seats a year, will grow the total market by stimulating new leisure and tourism traffic while also sparking a surge in travellers visiting friends and families.

“This study demonstrates how incredibly valuable a competitive airline offering is to a local economy and a community like the ACT and surrounding areas.”

“Rex’s entry to the Canberra airline market will add 300 jobs here and it will generate economic activity of nearly $200 million just because our competitive pricing will put a stop to Qantas’s gouging of passengers with very high prices.

“So this is good for local employment, for tourism and all the attractions in the region and I thank the ACT Government and Canberra Airport for helping to achieve such a great outcome,” Mr Sharp said.

A new lounge

REX Canberra

Rex also announced today that it had concluded an agreement with Canberra Airport for the temporary use of the former International Lounge from next Monday, April 19.

As a promotional offer for the next 3 months, all Rex passengers will be entitled to access the lounge.

Passengers will be offered a complimentary non-alcoholic beverage while alcohol and snacks are available for purchase. Rex Lounge members will enjoy other benefits in line with existing lounge offerings.

Rex reminds customers that it’s the only domestic airline that offers a full refund for passengers who need to cancel a flight because of a COVID-related reason.

*Urbis worked on Canberra Airport’s 2020 Master Plan providing analysis of the economic benefits of the Airport to the region over the next 20 years.