Venture 10 minutes from Disneyland & California Adventure Park, & you’ll discover an accommodation so different to any other in Anaheim that it has been dubbed ‘the most unique stay’ in the city.

Found inside the Clementine Hotel & Suites are the Bi-Level Lofts – self-service rooms that offer families the most space and privacy in all of Anaheim.

KARRYON along with a few dozen Travel Agents came across (and some even stayed in) the Bi-Level Lofts during the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Mega Fam hosted by Disney Parks, Delta Air Lines and Virgin Australia.

Read on to find out what sets these rooms apart from others across Anaheim:




Upstairs is the loft where parents can get a little privacy.

The biggest selling point for the Clementine’s Bi-Level Lofts is that they’re divided by a set of stairs, giving guests access to two levels of space.

As they step inside, guests will find a generous size lounge room with a pull-out couch, lounge chair, TV AND a working fireplace (legit).

On one side of the lounge is a kitchen that’s well-equipped with pots, pans and cutlery for families and other guests to cook as their stomachs desire, while on the other side is a room fitted with two Queen Beds and a bathroom.

Return to the lounge and take a stroll up the set of stairs to find one King Bed and an en-suite.

In total, the Bi-Level Lofts take up 699 square feet (65 square meters), which is one of the largest available on the Anaheim resort area.

This generous amount of space and split-level style accommodation means that parents can have a little privacy upstairs while the kids can rest up after a full day of Disney character meetings, rides and food on the lower level.



Anaheim’s Clementine Hotel & Suites is full of services and facilities from a free Barbecue area, tennis court, children’s playground, arcade room AND (probably the coolest offering) a grocery service.

Guests can submit a shopping list in the morning to staff at the front desk who’ll then go out and purchase everything on it from the local grocery store.

The items will be delivered to the guest’s room and they’ll only be charged for the groceries. There’s no delivery fee!




The Bi-Level Loft has its own kitchen & a working fireplace.

As impressive as the Bi-Level Lofts may be now, they’re set to become even-more-so in the near future as the property undergoes a major makeover.

Millions will go into refreshing the Clementine Hotel from October this, including upgrades to all the rooms and public spaces.

Currently there’s no estimated completion date for the renovations, however, staff assured Travel Agents that there would be minimal-to-no disruption to guests.

Renovations will be sections off and business will continue to run as per usual.

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