No more excuses. It’s time to sack off the mundane and catapult yourself into incredible, thanks to Topdeck and it’s hilariously accurate and innovative relaunch campaign.

In a visionary move to defeat inauthentic travel porn and reclaim genuine experience, Topdeck has launched a bold new relaunch, calling for Gen Z and Millennials globally to asses whether it’s ‘Time To Get Outta Here’ and travel to “Feel Real”.

“We are coming out strong, cheeky and attention-grabbing – we want to shake things up and break the mould of the same same boring travel advertising everyone else is doing.”

Anna Fawcett, Topdeck Global Head of Marketing


Feel Real

The Feel Real proposition has been developed in response to the cumulative consensus from its growing polymath audience and customer base, vetoing mass-production and duplicated moments.

Topdeck’s Global General Manager, Charles Knowlton says that company intends to break through the travel conformity trending social realms by redeveloping routes across the world, drawing attention to the elements of travel that ‘Feel Real’, and liberating individuals from the rules of normal life.

He goes on to say “Travel has become commoditised and homogeneous” and believes “it should offer people the chance to escape the mundane of day-to-day life, meet life-long friends, gain new perspectives and broaden their horizons.”

Topdeck have built this into their brand proposition, wishing to enable people to feel liberated from the rules of normal life.

The evolution will see the introduction of a new website, digital marketing campaign and collateral, refreshed messages, trip alterations and a series of new product releases.

We are excited.


Time To Get Outta Here

The daring concept follows the release of the refreshes ‘Feel Real’ brand proposition, designed to reclaim the visceral essence of travel and liberate wayfarers from filtered tourism.

With humour at the helm, the Time To Get Outta Here campaign delivers three different hyper-real ‘mundane’ scenarios young travellers are seeking escape from.

Topdeck’s Global General Manager, Charles Knowlton says that “Young individuals are still working out who they are, what their identity is and for many, where they are now isn’t their thing and not their dream.”

“The manifesto here is building a new door, one filled with refreshing discoveries, a chance to strip back the norm to identify their real selves and what it means to truly feel something real.”

Charles Knowlton, Topdeck Global General Manager

The emotionally compelling and humourous campaign ties in the four routine enemies; work, relationships, friends and family, and signposts the daily gym routine, hard-core Cosplay fans and awkward family relationships, as it triggers for the questions: is it Time To Get Outta Here?

Yes, we think the answer is definitely YES!

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