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Tingle All Your Senses & Taste Down South With Your Mouth

It's no secret that South Australia tantalises your tastebuds, and this new campaign really manages to sum up the pleasure of a trip down South.

It’s no secret that South Australia tantalises your tastebuds, and this new campaign really manages to sum up the pleasure of a trip down South.

Travellers are being urged to Taste Down South, in a mystery tourism campaign that aims to shine the light on one of Australia’s best food and wine regions.

According to a press release, the campaign is set to roll out over six months across traditional media, out of home advertising, digital and social media channels and is supported by ongoing content and PR activity, inviting you to taste down south with your mouth. 

As brilliant as this campaign is, local tourism authorities are adamant they have had nothing to do with it.

So who’s responsible with this mouth-watering goodness?

Go down South with your mouth

The cheeky campaign positions South Australia as a destination for fellow Australians with untapped potential. It aims to change the perception of those yet to experience Down South by promoting the unique strengths in South Australia’s culinary and hospitality industry. 

According to a press release from the mystery company, the campaign is working with leading identities across the food, wine and tourism industries, Taste Down South has developed a tourism blueprint around South Australia’s under-appreciated culinary scene.

The campaign looks to close the gap between perceptions of what South Australia has to offer and the reality of our exciting, world-class food and wine offerings.

These two are going South with their mouths

Taste Down South representative, Clarke Reid – who is about as elusive as Clark Kent, says “Down south is an unexplored goldmine of tastes and delights. It mightn’t have the glitz and glamour of some east-coast states, but there’s a lot buzzing under the hood down here.

“Australia has ranked second in the world for its food and wine experiences. That’s after cultural giant France and even a step ahead of Italy. SA is home to the finest dining in the country and we are one of the great wine capitals of the world.

“If Australia is second in the world for food and wine, and South Aus has the finest dining in Australia, we reckon it’s about time you Taste Down South”.

Who could it be?

After doing some online investigations (aka. stalking) we found out that the Adelaide office on the press release is a virtual one, that then leads to to a company in Queensland, that is run by the two entrepreneurs, Adam Blackburn and Blaze Tripp.

The guys responsible for the much loved but much hated CU in the NT campaign.

The risky CU in the NT campaign was launched back in 2016 and has since been banned in many destinations.

Northern Territory tourism authorities ruled that the slogan was “obscene and offensive” and was clearly “designed to highlight letters to form a strong reference to the word ‘c***’.”

Let’s see how going South with your mouth goes shall we…