Have you ever had children come into your travel agency to plan their own family holiday? Maybe it’s not such a crazy idea.

Flight Centre UK has just launched a quirky, creative new campaign that brings that very premise to life.

The Kids in Charge campaign, created in partnership with Rooster PR, works on the idea that the top concern of parents when travelling as a family is keeping the kids entertained.

So what would happen if parents passed the planning responsibilities onto the kids then?

This clever new ad, which you can watch below, shows UK-based Flight Centre consultants create tailor-made family holidays centred entirely on children’s ideas and imaginations.

The kids let their ideas about theme parks with no line ups and safari trips in South Africa run wild.

The Agents then help the littlies turn their ideas into a reality, while their parents can rest easy knowing it will be a trip that the kids will love.

Head of marketing at Flight Centre Yvonne Hobden family said holidays are where memories are made, but with parents finding decision-making more difficult and revolving so many choices around their kids on a daily basis, Flight Centre wants to bring the “fun and spontaneity” back to holidays.

“Our team have been blown away by the kind and imaginative ideas kids have come up with, from their own weird and wacky dream holidays to wanting to reward their parents and spend quality time together.”

Head of marketing at Flight Centre Yvonne Hobden


Would you plan a family holiday through the eyes of a child?