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The Travel Corporation’s third Impact Report shares promising progress on climate action

The Travel Corporation has released its TTC 2023 Impact Report, showcasing an ongoing commitment to transparency, the first year of its industry-leading Carbon Fund and the progress made in its How We Tread Right (HWTR) five-year sustainability strategy.

The Travel Corporation has released its TTC 2023 Impact Report, showcasing an ongoing commitment to transparency, the first year of its industry-leading Carbon Fund and the progress made in its How We Tread Right (HWTR) five-year sustainability strategy.

TTC’s 2023 progress is led by its net-zero carbon emissions commitment with more than USD$1.88 million (around AUD$2.8 million) allocated to decarbonisation projects.

In 2022, TTC launched the Carbon Fund, highlighting Trafalgar, Contiki, Insight Vacations, Luxury Gold, Costsaver, Uniworld, AAT Kings and Adventure World’s financial commitment to achieve net-zero or near-zero emissions by 2050 or sooner.

Sustainable gains

TTC Impact Report 2023 Contiki coach
Contiki has been carbon neutral since 2022. Image: TTC

In the first year of its Carbon Fund implementation, TTC reduced Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 31 per cent and Scope 3 emissions by five per cent from its 2019 baseline.

Carbon Fund investments include solar panel installation at the NSW head offices of TTC (Bondi Junction) and AAT Kings (Alexandria) and the implementation of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) biofuel for Contiki, Trafalgar and Uniworld coaches in Europe, supplied by Atlas Reizen.

TTC Impact Report 2023 biofuel
Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) biofuel is used by Contiki, Trafalgar and Uniworld coaches in Europe.

This saw Contiki trip emissions reduced by up to 40 per cent where HVO biofuel is available. 

TTC also surpassed its goal to source at least 50 per cent of electricity needs from renewable sources by 2025, reaching 54 per cent in 2023.

In 2023, 10 TTC properties produced solar energy, generating 1,661,989 kWh of electricity or the equivalent electricity needed to power 150 homes for one year. 

New initiatives

TTC Impact Report 2023 Trees for Life Scotland
TreadRight supports the Wild Pine Project in Scotland. Image: Trees for Life

In another industry first, AAT Kings and TTC Tour Brands ended the purchase of branded corporate merchandise as gifts to guests and partners, which produces 6.5 million car-driven miles worth of carbon emissions every year. 

These funds will be reallocated to nature-based climate solutions supported by TTC’s not-for-profit TreadRight Foundation, including GreenWave (North America) and new partners Trees for Life (Scotland) and Rainforest Rescue (Australia).

TTC recently had 10 team members from across its brands attend a community planting day with Rainforest Rescue in the Daintree.

Key highlights from the TTC 2023 Impact Report include:


TTC Impact Report 2023 food
Uniworld reduced food waste by 36% across 11 ships in 2023. Image: TTC
  • USD$1,880,533 of Carbon Fund monies invested in or allocated to more than 13 decarbonisation projects
  • Reduced Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 31% and Scope 3 emissions by 5% from 2019 baseline
  • Established a Net Zero Trip Roadmap, measuring the carbon footprint of 700-plus trips and outlining how TTC will reduce trip emissions by 27.5% by 2030
  • 54% of electricity was sourced from renewable sources, up 10% from 2022
  • 32 of TTC-owned properties run on 100% renewable electricity 
  • Reduced the equivalent of 304,027 meals’ worth of food waste across TTC 
  • Reduced printed brochures by 80% from 2019 
  • Completely removed single-use plastics related to COVID-19 measures 
  • Engaged with suppliers to utilise water tanks to refill reusable water bottles


TTC Tour Brands
TTC team members logged 10,862 volunteer hours in 2023. Image: TTC
  • 352 MAKE TRAVEL MATTER Experiences qualified in 2023
  • 824 MAKE TRAVEL MATTER Experiences offered across TTC 
  • 84% of TTC itineraries have at least one MAKE TRAVEL MATTER Experience (see Adventure World’s new customisation options
  • Increased TTC itineraries visiting developing regions by 37% from the 2021 baseline 
  • In 2023, TTC identified 24 itineraries visiting 34 developing regions 
  • AAT Kings uses welcome plaques designed by Indigenous artists on coaches throughout Australia 
  • TTC has six partnerships focused solely on advancing diversity, equity and inclusion  
  • 100% of 3,000 employees worldwide signed TTC’s Code of Conduct for a commitment to ethical standards  
  • Contiki New Zealand Trip Managers and Drivers began an extensive training program to strengthen crew competency in Māori history, culture, customs/Tikanga and language
  • Completed 10,862 volunteer hours across TTC, reaching 83% of the 2025 goal 


TTC 2023 Impact Report on wildlife
African elephant in the Zambezi River. Image: iStock
  • Audited 600 wildlife experiences and safari lodges to ensure 100% compliance with TTC’s Animal Welfare Policy 
  • All wildlife experiences were reviewed by the TreadRight team to ensure adherence to TTC’s Animal Welfare Policy 

TTC Chief Sustainability Officer & Head of TreadRight Shannon Guihan said she was immensely proud of the group’s leadership for taking such bold action and how teams have embraced the transition.

“The TTC 2023 Impact Report makes two things abundantly clear – we are not standing still and yet there remains an incredible amount of work to be done,” she said.

To find out more and read the full report, head here.