Learning on-the-go is the way more, and more Aussies want to absorb knowledge, according to the latest research, and Trafalgar is meeting that trend with the launch of a Podcast.

Entitled ‘Travel Unlocked’, the initial five-part series is available now and features never-before-shared information about the brand, interviews with special guests (such as Travel Directors and the CEO) and updates on the brand’s sustainability initiatives.

Podcast host Conrad McCall (also Trafalgar Global’s Trade Engagement Manager) said the new e-learning option was explicitly designed to meet Agent feedback for better and more mobile e-learning resources.

“We saw the opportunity to reach our valued agent partners in a way that suits them – that directly addresses challenges they currently face with accessing brand information in a hassle-free way.

Conrad McCall, Trafalgar Global Trade Engagement Manager

“This e-learning series truly speaks to our AgentsFirst mantra and constant innovative thinking.”

The podcast series is described as “fun” and “engaging” as it takes listeners behind the scenes, while also doubling as Trafalgar’s official e-learning course.

Each episode has an associated quiz, which can be accessed through TTC Academy, either via a desktop or on the go via the Litmos App.

“These Podcasts will change the game for our agent partners, opening up opportunities for them to learn about our brand on an even deeper level, in turn empowering them to share the Trafalgar story with their customers when recommending travel choices, and with plenty of laughs along the way,” Mr McCall added.

Travel Unlocked can be downloaded or streamed via Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn and more (including Apple Podcasts coming soon!) as well as TTC Agent Academy.


Are you keen to check out Trafalgar’s Podcast?