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Travel to change the world launches to inspire responsible travellers has launched a new online publication aimed at inspiring and informing travellers who want to travel more responsibly. has launched a new online publication aimed at inspiring and informing travellers who want to travel more responsibly. will feature responsible travel news, tips to travel better and a range of sustainable travel ideas and stories from all over the world to help inform and inspire travellers to travel with more purpose.

The beautifully designed site is built for smartphone reading on the fly and will feature a responsible travel partner directory with an online store selling sustainable travel products and events to come.

All of the stories are structured in a way that clearly educates travellers and agents to the challenges faced and the solutions and the positive impact that particular feature is creating.

The site is based on three core pillars of animal welfare, environment and people and culture and will also feature responsible travel partner products and itineraries with travel agent call to actions.

The website initially began as a call to change initiative on two years ago with the aim of helping promote sustainable and responsible travel stories for the Australian and New Zealand travel industry.

At the time it was an area of the travel industry that and Travel to change the world Founder Matt leedham felt was vastly underrepresented in not getting the media exposure it deserved.

“I truly believe that travel has the power to change the world – but its only people that can make that happen. Once we changed our awareness and started looking for amazing travel initiatives that were adding to the world rather than only taking, we soon discovered that there was so much good stuff going on out there. Travel to change the world is designed to be a celebration of all that travel can achieve.”


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THIS IS WHAT AMAZING LOOKS LIKE: ? Having recently just turned 85, Dame Dr. Jane Goodall has dedicated her entire life to understanding and protecting primates.??? 〰️ The Jane Goodall Institute @janegoodallinst is in their words, “a global community conservation organisation that advances the vision and work of Jane Goodall. By protecting chimpanzees and inspiring people to conserve the natural world we all share, we improve the lives of people, animals and the environment. Everything is connected and EVERYONE can make a difference.” ? 〰️ Get involved and follow them to connect yourself and find out more.? 〰️ #GforGoodall #gadventures #travelblogger #traveltochangetheworld #travels #travelholic #janegoodall #janegoodallinstitute #byronbay #karryontravel #gorilla #monkeys #responsibletravel #sustainabletravel #travelgram #traveler #maketravelmatter #travelwithpurpose #wwf #janegoodall #janegoodallquotes #animalplanet #natgeo #travelphotography #love #beautiful #ourplanet #treadright #treadrightfoundation #intrepidfoundation #intrepidtravel

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Mid last year, collaborated with specialist wholesaler Chimu Adventures and Covermore Insurance to showcase the ‘Travel to change the world’ concept at travel agent Revolution roadshows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The free, dynamic events featured a range of guest speakers and saw four hundred agents attend which led to some robust panel and group discussion and ideas around what agents needed to better serve their growing list of clients desires for travelling more responsibly.

The 'Revolution Roadshow', Melbourne

The ‘Revolution Roadshow’, Melbourne

One of the key takeaways from the events was the appetite for an accredited ‘Travel to change the world’ agent network, something which Matt leedham says could be a distinct possibility;

“We were blown away by the passionate response from agents at the roadshows who loudly told us that some form of agent accreditation was something they thought was a great idea. What we identified was that agents didn’t feel they currently had all the tools or the experience to facilitate responsible travel questions and requests from their clients and consequently were missing out on bookings. What we’d love to help create is a responsible and sustainable win-win for everyone along the supply chain.”


Agents get involved at the Revolution Roadshow, Sydney

The site will be amplified through Social Media and a regular E-newsletter as well as through channels.

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