Australian families are travelling far and wide to find experiences that will “transform their hectic daily lives into memories of a lifetime”, according to Virtuoso’s new 2019 Luxe Report.

The Luxury travel network’s report surveyed its affiliated travel advisors to discover where, why and how families are travelling.

When it comes to family travel trends, adventure trips rose to the number spot from third place last year.


Sun-and-sand travel has fallen from the top spot (to second place) but remains popular for family togetherness.

Exploring new destinations is the top travel motivator in the Luxe Report, and seeking unusual places is a Gen Z priority, so it’s no surprise families are searching for lesser-known parts of the world.

You see Gen Zs (those 19 and younger) have a great deal of influence over family and peer travel decisions.

Worldlier at an earlier age than previous generations, they were born with a passport in hand and are determined to explore.

The more off-the-beaten-path, the better, as social media factors significantly in their drive for more unique experiences.

In particular, pristine destinations such as Iceland, the Galapagos Islands and Antarctica are trending.

The desire for authenticity and deep cultural and nature-based interactions is driving families to places such as India, Cuba and Rwanda.

“Australians live in a destination the rest of the world wants to visit, so we were curious to see where they head for their own holidays.”

Virtuoso Chairman and CEO Matthew D. Upchurch

“For a country where almost 60% of the population has a passport, it’s no surprise Australian families are travelling together and seeking out some of the most interesting and unusual destinations on offer”.

“The next generation of travellers are primed to explore the world, seeking out genuine human connections and ways to experience the local cultures and a sense of the unique.”

Have you noticed a trend towards adventure travel in families?