TNZ Stop dreaming and go
TNZ Stop dreaming and go

Places We're Dreaming Of Exploring Once The Borders Reopen

You can take away our right to travel, but you can never take away our gypsy souls! We're absolutely itching to pack our bags and passports and head off to all sorts of magical places around the world once travel is possible again.

You can take away our right to travel, but you can never take away our gypsy souls! We’re absolutely itching to pack our bags and passports and head off to all sorts of magical places around the world once travel is possible again.

Okay, so none of us knows exactly when it will happen, but travelling around the world and getting knee-deep in wanderlust will soon be rightfully restored to lives.

But in the meantime, there are no restrictions on using our imaginations to think about all the incredible places that will be waiting for us, once those borders reopen…

To help stimulate your inner wanderings, we’ve compiled a list of places we’re so excited about exploring with Trafalgar, once those pesky borders open…

Packed your imaginary passport?

Incredible Italy

History? Check. Culture? Check? Nature? Check. Italy has it all, from the ancient Coliseum in Rome, the serpentine canals in Venice, the lush hills of Tuscany and the art galleries and musems of Florence.

And then there’s the food: which is MUCH more than just pizza and pasta!

Travelling with Trafalgar, you’ll be taken inside the heart and soul of this magical country by meeting the locals that give Italy its warmth, laughter and zest for life.

For example, you can go shopping at a local market (where the tourists don’t go) and buy some fine local produce before cooking up a storm under the direction of an expert Italian chef.

Plus, you’ll get to visit a centuries-old Rustic village in the rolling Italian countryside to taste some of the best olive oil and Chianti wine in the world. And that’s just the start of it…

No, that’s not amore, that’s Italy!

Stunning Scotland and Ireland

From Gaelic to Guinness, monsters to music – we’re absolutely itching to get back on a plane and explore the verdant hills, placid lochs and wide-open spaces of Scotland and Ireland.

Home to some of the warmest people and the greatest storytellers on the planet – not to mention fascinating history – Scotland and Ireland are sights to behold, truly, and it’s our guarantee that you’ll be whipping out your camera or phone every few minutes to capture slices of its breathtaking natural scenery.

Then there’s the delicious food, drink and culture to devour, as hearty as the folks that call these countries home. Rub shoulders with them at a local pub to a soulful soundtrack of flutes, fiddles and banjos.

By choosing to travel with Trafalgar, you’ll get to live like royalty for the day (and night) by staying at the iconic Ashford Castle on the west coast of Ireland. Boasting a mixture of different architectural styles, from medieval to Victorian, this award-winning hotel dates back to 1228!

Spellbinding Scandinavia

A land of stunning fjords, glaciers and lakes and a sky illuminated by the spellbinding Northern Lights, Scandinavia is practically heaven on Earth.

Formerly a Viking stronghold, these days the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Sweden are now home to quirky cities, down-to-earth locals and breathtaking natural scenery that takes centre stage once you leave the cities.

Exploring this northern region of the world with Trafalgar is guaranteed to tick all your boxes. See the best bits of Scandinavia by levering on decades of experience, such as the choice to lodge you up at the Seaside Glass Villas Kemi where a special wake-up call to catch the spectacular aurora light show is just one of many inclusions.

Oh, and don’t worry if it’s cold outside as you can see the Northern Lights through the transparent roof of your villa!

Enigmatic Eastern Europe

A little off the beaten path but worth every step, there are so many jewels in Eastern Europe that it’s hard to to it justice on a single holiday. But Rome (or should be say Budapest) wasn’t built in a day, and every long journey begins with a single step…

Okay, enough with the travel idioms, and onto the magic…

From the dazzling beaches and fortified coastal towns of Croatia to what is perhaps the most gorgeous capital city in the world – Prague – and so much more, Eastern Europe is a curious mix of architectural flair, scratch-beneath-the-surface history, and more castles, cathedrals, and cobbled squares than you could poke a chimney cake with! (A delicious local sweet that’s popular in the region – must try!)

Over in Poland, listen to the sound of Chopin in the streets, eat some heart-warming food and learn about the country’s turbulent history through a combination of museums and monuments.

Indeed, there’s something for everyone in Eastern Europe and we can’t wait to get back there ourselves and keep on discovering!

Eruptive Iceland

The land of fire and ice is no stranger to drama, and that’s exactly what reels in visitors hook, line and sinker! Raw and rugged, in no other place in the world is the dramatic character of Mother Nature so apparent – and beautiful.

Pristine glaciers sit at the foot of humungous volcanoes.

Ancient lava fields and flows sit next to milky blue thermal pools and hundreds of thermal springs perfect for bathing.

Over 20,000 waterfalls roar throughout the country, often shrouded in the Northern Lights every winter.

Then there is the fascinating history of Viking settlements, the wildlife, the straight-shooting locals and the gorgeous natural light that bathes the landscape in warm tones that will make anyone’s photos look ever-so-pro.

In Iceland with Trafalgar, you’ll get to gain a deeper and more nuanced appreciation of Icelandic culture and its mythical lands.

Learn about elves, trolls and hidden pots of gold, have a drink with the locals in the quirky capital of Reykjavik, and tuck into some culinary delights that Iceland is increasingly earning a reputation for.

Iceland has been up and coming for a while now, so isn’t it about time you experienced what all the fuss was about for yourself?

So what are you waiting for (besides the borders to reopen!)?

Visit today to save up to 15 per cent on your next holiday with Trafalgar and learn more about these places we’re absolutely itching to explore once those borders reopen…

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