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3 Apps to help you work up an appetite for local cuisine

BiteHunter, Foodspotting and Urbanspoon are bringing you meals with deals at your next holiday destination.

BiteHunter, Foodspotting and Urbanspoon are bringing you meals with deals at your next holiday destination.


Apart from a few, like living Barbie Doll Valeria Lukyanova, not many of us can brag on having the ability to live on air and sunlight.

Most of us mere mortals need to live off some form of substance.

However, the decision about where to eat becomes all that more taxing while away.

What’s more, many don’t feel like forking out ample savings on a meal that’ll be chowed down in a few minutes.

Therefore, we applaud the few companies that have taken this dilemma into their hands and created apps that will take the guess work of choosing your next meal.


1.Bite, baby, bite


If you ever find yourself in the United States hankering for a feed, call on BiteHunter.

The free app has information on over 50 000 country-wide restaurants and, more importantly, provides real-time notification on great restaurant deals you can take advantage of.

Using BiteBuy, the app stores your personal information and credit card details to make purchasing deals swift and easy.


2. Foodspotting


Not to be confused with train spotting. The Foodspotting app, another freebie on iTunes, focuses on the dish as opposed to the venue. Craving ramen in Honk Kong? You got it.

A little Southern hospitality in Kentucky? Not a problem. Simply click on the map, type in the request and discover culinary offerings that may be only a few feet away.

Foodspotting works as an interactive platform, that allows people to upload their Instagram pics, write reviews and recommend you eats. A small foodie community at the tip of your fingers.

Watch Foodspotting in action:


3. Spoon by spoon


Urbanspoon is Terry Durack in your pocket. It’s the foodie must-have for all budding critics.

Much like its web counterpart, Urbanspoon allows users to wax lyrical over thousands of restaurants and food venues, dolling out stars with the press of a button.

Tried, trusted and revered by restauranters, foodies and gluttons alike, Urbanspoon is a free app that’ll almost assure you won’t have another bad meal again.

No promises.

What apps have you tried that have tipped you off on a few foodie gems?