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Ensemble to assemble in Australia and New Zealand

Leaders of the North American travel consortia market will launch their patent brand of connectivity in Australia and New Zealand in 2015.

Leaders of the North American travel consortia market will launch their patent brand of connectivity in Australia and New Zealand in 2015.

Ensemble Travel Group, a member-owned international organisation of approximately 850 professional travel agencies in the U.S. and Canada, announced plans today to initiate a global expansion into Australia/New Zealand in 2015.

According to Ensemble Co-President Lindsay Pearlman, the expansion to Australia/New Zealand is a natural next step for the growing travel group.

ensemble- karryon

Pictured: Travel Agents awarded by Ensemble.

“Ensemble is a nimble and dynamic group, and our agent- and partner-focused model is right for today’s thriving Australia/New Zealand market,” she said.

Heading up the Ensemble expansion in Australia/New Zealand is new Ensemble Senior Vice President and General Manager Trish Shepherd, a travel industry veteran with a successful track record in regional and international partnerships and strategic alliances.

“There is an incredible opportunity within the Australian/New Zealand market to create a new program for travel professionals, one which put the needs of its members first,” Shepherd said.

“Travel agency owners want a relationship that is a true partnership, and that is what we are going to create with Ensemble.”

She added that the organisation are looking to connect with members who are “hungry to be the market leaders, and want to achieve a higher level of success in this industry”.

“Ensemble agencies tend to be stronger and outperform their peers in Canada in the U.S,” Shepherd said.

“We want to bring that same opportunity to Australia/New Zealand.”

Ensemble’s plan is to assemble top agency groups and independent owners in Australia/New Zealand that are forward thinkers and looking for real value for their investment.

For travel agency owners, that means transparency, business development consultancy, and marketing know-how and support, with a focus on the individual agency’s brand.

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“Our members consistently tell us that our focus on their business success and our commitment to absolute integrity are what set us apart,” Pearlman said.

“They trust us to deliver value to their business overall, as well as their bottom line.”

Ensemble Australia/New Zealand will begin welcoming new members at the start of 2015.

“We are incredibly excited to bring Ensemble to Australia/New Zealand,” Shepherd said.

“We know this market, and we’ve developed this solution with Australian/New Zealand travel agents in mind.”

How do you believe Ensemble’s expansion into Aus. and NZ travel will change the industry landscape?