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Google's Word Lens App Instantly Translates 30 languages on your phone

Are you getting lost in translation on your travels? Google's ingenious language app now provides instant translation from over 30 languages.

Are you getting lost in translation on your travels? Google’s ingenious language app now provides instant translation from over 30 languages.

Say goodbye to flicking through endless pages of foreign language dictionaries and stumbling through awkward sentences.

Word Lens is Google Translate‘s inspiring, futuristic travel app that allows you to translate text in real time using just the camera on your smartphone.

How awesome is that?

Word Lens Translation

Although Word Lens has been around for over a year, only a handful of languages were available so only travellers to Western Europe and Russia could benefit from this innovative tool.

But thanks to Google’s linguistic efforts, that’s no longer the case; the Word Lens tool is now capable of deciphering 30 different languages, including Japanese.

Unlike the traditional features of the Google Translate app, Word Lens doesn’t require you to snap a photo or manually enter text.

To get a translation in the blink of an eye, simply point your smartphone’s camera lens at a street sign, menu item, food label or any other text, and the word will pop up on your screen before you can even say “sashimi”.


Word Lens French Translation

With it’s unique text entry options and comprehensive dictionary, Google’s Word Lens app is especially helpful for tourists visiting Japan who all too often “have to worry about taking a wrong turn on a busy Shibuya street or ordering something you wouldn’t normally eat.”

With Word Lens in your pocket, just a tap away, you can relax and enjoy your vacation without worry, even without an Internet connection!

In addition to converting Japanese characters to English words, the app can also translate English into Japanese.

You can see the growing list of languages supported by the state-of-the-art gadget directly on the Google Translate app, which is currently available for both iOS and Android devices.


There’s multiple ways to enter text

Word Lens Typing Mode


Point your camera at the text, snap a photo or even draw characters

Word Lens Draw Mode


And you don’t even need the internet

Word Lens Offline Mode

What do you think about Google’s language app? Do you use it already? Will you use it?