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In search of the world's best moustaches

All hail the mighty moustache – if not always, then at least for this, the one month of the year when the world embraces that thin little strip of upper lip hair.

All hail the mighty moustache – if not always, then at least for this, the one month of the year when the world embraces that thin little strip of upper lip hair.

Last week, we revealed that Qantas had banned handlebar moustaches among its staff. Some years ago, this probably wouldn’t have been a big deal. But somehow, the moustache seems to have regained its twizzle and has become beloved among ordinary Joes and their hipster bros alike, at least during the month of November.

And the reason? Because November is now Movember, a month-long event to raise funds for men’s health which is also an excuse for a month long appreciation of the moustache.

Beards have been lapped up by travellers and hipsters, becoming a high fashion staple in many parts of the world. But moustaches? This varietal of facial adornment has long been overlooked. Even now, outside of Movember, they are few and far between here in Australia.

But there are some fabulous moustaches to be found around the world, in all shapes and sizes, all year round.

We round up the top places to appreciate the facial fuzz in all its glory.




Few are aware of this Middle Eastern country’s charms, ranging from its aromatic cuisine to the ancient treasures of Persepolis. But it is actually fast rising the ranks as a popular holiday destination.

So, if you’re among those curious travellers considering an adventure in that part of the world, be warned you’ll also discover some pretty spectacular mos.




If you’ve ever played tourist in Mexico and been serenaded by the tinny trills of a mariachi band as you down the dregs of your margarita, you’ll probably be familiar with the Mexican moustache. Many of the musicians sport a rather bushy varietal of the facial hair which can be seen across the country.

And even the fish in Mexico sport the lip fuzz – male molly fish found in Mexico wear an flamboyant moustache-like structure on their top lips which makes them seem sexier to females.




In any Bollywood movie worth its salt, you’ll come across at least a moustache or two. The starring role is an indication of the prevalence of this form off facial adornment across the subcontinent.

In fact, the world’s longest moustache, measuring in at a whopping 4.29 metres, belongs to Ram Singh Chauhan of India.

And it doesn’t stop there. Policemen in central India are actually growing large moustaches in a bid to join an elite force of officers picked to tackle criminals, with the mos considered intimidating. Officers are even paid a special allowance for the upkeep of their moustaches.



Styles of Turkish Moustaches | Margaret Hagan (Razblint)

Styles of Turkish Moustaches | Margaret Hagan (Razblint)

Moustaches have long been held dear in Turkey where they are considered a sign of power and honour. But they also hold political significance, taking on a different shape according to the bearer’s political preferences. Fascinating stuff, eh?

And although the mos fell out of favour for a while, they’re well and truly back thanks to a wave of nostalgia and the influence of Turkish celebrities.

Are you growing a mo for Movember?