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Sistas going solo and taking on the world

Women are choosing adventure over the poolside pampering and they don’t mind going at it alone, with the rise in female solo travellers possibly being the hottest trend of 2017 so far.

Women are choosing adventure over the poolside pampering and they don’t mind going at it alone, with the rise in female solo travellers possibly being the hottest trend of 2017 so far.

Women travelling is being driving by a desire to explore not only the world, but themselves in soul-searching adventures, Eat, Pray, Love style. And while doing so with a bunch of your girlfriends is great, going solo is just as rewarding.

Simply Google ‘female solo travel’ and there is an array of options, blogs and interest in the topic. The trend on the search has increased year on year. Pinterest also noted the 350% increase in women pinning solo travel ideas since 2014.

So the real question is – why are all these women choosing to travel solo?

I have often gone globe-trotting and explored a country by myself, and get asked “why don’t you travel with family, friends or a partner? Who do I speak to? Do I eat alone?”

Probably the biggest question I get asked is “Don’t I feel nervous or unsafe?” I always say be prepared and know your location. Be street wise, otherwise yes you can end up in the wrong place with the wrong people.


Truth is, I mostly prefer to travel by myself. And I am not alone in that. Today’s female travellers are independent, unafraid, and looking to explore new and authentic destinations their own way.

As more women are setting off on holidays by themselves, tour operators are seeing the benefits of offering a solo option also.

Insight Vacations recently conducted research groups and received strong feedback that their female guests are looking for solo travel options and they see group travel as the perfect option for them. Not only is it a safer option for females but it allows travel with a group of like-minded people, an experienced tour director can share knowledge and give practical assistance to ensure the holiday runs smoothly and organising is all done for you.

When asked on the benefit of touring in the research groups a customer Sally commented, “I love travelling on my own and wouldn’t travel any other way than with a guided tour.”

Uniworld Australia also noted over 70% of Uniworld solo travellers from Australia are female.

Adventure World Australia, Managing Director, Neil Rodgers said tailor-made programs means trips can be fully customised to client’s requirements.

“We have a number of unique experiences that are proving very popular with solo female travellers such as our Chinchero Weavers Centre in Peru who employ over 500 local women to preserve the 10,000-year-old Andean textile tradition. Also in Kenya’s Masai Mara where we have a program to join the women of the community, called mamas, as they share their traditional craft of beading. Solo travellers are able to engage in lively discussions and explore how projects such as beading empower these women to earn a sustainable income and provide for their families.”

So for anyone considering joining the sisterhood of solo travel or for those who may need a little reminder – here are a few reasons why it’s absolutely the best idea.


Your way or the highway

Solo female traveller

Sure travelling with a companion, family or friends can be fun, but it can also be hard work. There is the need to always agree on what you will do and when, equating to a lot of compromise and patience. When you travel solo you can do what the hell you want! Go to that spa your boyfriend wouldn’t want to be seen anywhere near. Take a whole day shopping, because why not? Be spontaneous and go off track with your new travel buddy. You’ve got nothing stopping you, so be as selfish as you damn well want.


Solo but not alone


Travelling solo doesn’t mean being alone. Make a local Friend. If you interact with locals, you’re more likely to experience the culture. Locals are often ready and eager to show off their city.  When you’re alone, locals are more likely to approach you. If you’re with others, they may feel that approaching you would be intrusive. When locals learn you are alone and open to learning about their culture, they may invite you to their homes, gatherings, and celebrations.


Connect easily


These days WiFi is just about everywhere you go, it’s so easy to still feel connected. If you do feel the need to be in touch with family and friends back home, just fire up the Facetime or WhatsApp. Or you can even resort to the good old phonecall to keep in touch.

If you are interested in travelling solo, then check out Travelling Solo – for tips, advice and more.


Have you travelled by yourself and why do you think it is good to go solo?