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Six must-download travel apps you need for your next trip

Smartphones are arguably the cleverest thing to pack for your trip. But with a gazillion apps out there all promising to be the 'one' - which travel apps are the best to travel with?

Smartphones are arguably the cleverest thing to pack for your trip. But with a gazillion apps out there all promising to be the ‘one’ – which travel apps are the best to travel with?

Today’s smartphones are an all-in-one translator, tip calculator, travel guide, bank, camera and map, but like a sleek carry-on bag, there’s no point filling them with useless apps that will never be used and that take up valuable storage space.

So to help Aussies prepare for their next trip, Cheapflights.com.au has compiled their top six travel apps that will help travellers through from the start to the end of their journey.


1. Pack like a pro – PackPoint


A lifesaver for those of us who struggle to know what to cram into our tiny and cheap airline approved carry-on duffel bag.

With PackPoint, you just enter your destination, date of travel and length of stay, along with some activities you’re likely to be participating in, and it’ll generate a bespoke list of stuff you should pack. Easy!


2. Getting around – Citymapper


This handy app is now available for over 30 cities across the world and is the easiest app for navigating these major destinations.

No longer will you have to stare blankly at complicated tube maps or chance your luck at jumping on the first random bus you see.

Citymapper shows you how to get from A to B hassle-free – you can easily find the cheapest and most convenient bus, rail or pedestrian routes, it’ll update you on delays, and it has offline maps and Uber connectivity.


3. Communicate with locals – Google Translate


Immersing yourself in a completely different country is an amazing experience, but language barriers can be a major obstacle.

Get around like a local with the Google Translate app – not only can you type to translate over 100 languages, but its camera mode also allows you to instantly translate a sign or menu simply by holding your phone up to it!



4. Keeping connected – Wiffinity


There’s nothing worse than getting to a foreign city having forgotten to download a map and needing Wi-Fi so you can get directions to find your accommodation.

Enter Wiffinity, a free app that helps you locate free Wi-Fi hotspots all around the world – without needing to be connected to the internet.

It has so many helpful uses, from checking restaurants on the fly, to avoiding horrid international roaming fees, to being able to order an Uber when you’re stuck in a dodgy neighbourhood. And of course checking Tinder.


5. Documenting the adventure – PolarSteps


In this crazy millennial world that we live in, documenting and sharing your journey is more important than ever.

We’ve all got our favourite Instagram filter and Twitter hashtags, but it does start to get a little impersonal.

This new innovative app tracks your route (ideal for backpackers and road trippers) and allows friends and family to follow it by populating a travel log out of your photographs.

Plus, at the end of it all, you can turn it into travel book of your photos, stats and routes to have as a keepsake.


6. Post-holiday admin – Splittr


Splittr is perfect for those travellers who would rather shampoo with hot sauce than tackle an Excel spreadsheet to work out who paid for what.

You can add expenses as you go, punching in who paid for what, and the app divides it all up at the end.

It even emails you and your friends a PDF report with how much is owed, so you don’t have to ruin your post-holiday positivity by acting like a debt collector.

What’s the one travel app you can’t live without? Tell us why below.