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The worlds smallest A380 takes to the skies

Some people it seems, just can't help but take their love of planes to the extreme.

Some people it seems, just can’t help but take their love of planes to the extreme.


Swiss aircraft model maker Peter Michel, is one of those model aircraft extremists who decided he’d build a fully operational and 1:15 scale replica of a Singapore Airlines A380.

It took him 8 months, 5000 working hours, 67 tubes of glue and a whole lot of styrofoam and lightweight balsa wood to complete his labour of love. Not to mention a lot of ear bashing from his wife. But the end result as you’ll see, is quite remarkable.

The A380 has 4 x Jetcat P120 jet turbines which pump out around 30 pounds of thrust each and a massive 5.3 meter wingspan. Though it can only be flown for just 8 minutes before the fuel runs out, so international trips are unfortunately out of the question for now.

Check out the footage of the miniature A380 taking off, flying and landing. It’s become so popular it’s racked up a massive nine million views on YouTube and even gained the acclaim of Singapore Airlines themselves.

Are you a model plane enthusiast? Have you ever seen anything like this?