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Why travelling back in the 90s was so much edgier

Today we never have to worry about missing a beautiful chunk of scenery as our Smart Phones are always in the palm of our hands.Yet the 90s had the millennium beat when it came to travel.

Today we never have to worry about missing a beautiful chunk of scenery as our Smart Phones are always in the palm of our hands.Yet the 90s had the millennium beat when it came to travel.

The time came for all of us to wake up. We had to pull ourselves out of our bathtubs, where we had crashed in a drunken stupor the previous night, and face the sad reality that when the clock struck midnight sometime between drinks, the millennium was upon us.

Gone were the days of the Beastie Boys and baggy jeans, Spice Girl Power, mussy hair, gingham shirts and Kurt Cobain. It would all soon be replaced with tweeting and house music, strappy sandals and bright coloured clothing, orange-tinted sunglasses and everything else that signified the end of the nineties.

However, while the millennium soon dazzled us with its bright lights and big technology, there was something that the new and improved era could not take away from those that could tell you who starred in the Fresh Prince of Bell Air without having to resort to a Google search. That something was how travel was done in the 90s.

Sure, the seats and service are far better nowadays but there were a few perks we sorely miss.


1.You were one of the first to flood Moscow


View of the Red Square with Vasilevsky descent in Moscow, Russia.

With the sweeping reforms of Gorbachev’s Perestroika and Glasnost, the Cold War between the East and West cooled in 1991. Suddenly Moscow’s Red centre became all the rage for travellers dying to catch a glimpse of what was hidden behind the iron curtain.


2. … And you were able to walk around the Kremlin without getting blisters


Docs: The best travel companion.

Because you were wearing a pair of Doc Martens. This is not to say that there isn’t plenty of comfortable footwear strutting about nowadays but nothing is quite as cushy as an Air Wair sole. The height of the boot was personal choice. Eight holes said that you were a conformist.

Twelve to 16 holes were for those cool enough to get away with it. Cherry reds? Fuggedaboutdit.


3. You were always cool…


The good ol’ tuck and tie method of an instacrop top.

As your belly button was always exposed. If you didn’t have a crop top, then you were tying up your shirts in tiny little knots that would bulge under your cleavage. Not a good look? Who asked you!


4. Holiday snaps were like Christmas



Because you had to wait until you returned back home to develop them. While digital cameras were well into the equation by the late 90s, those that travelled during the early years knew only the click click whirr of the film kind.

You also knew not to let your travel companion near your camera when you were asleep and they were bored…and armed with red lipstick and shaving cream.


5.What went on in Vegas stayed in Vegas


“Yes, Mum. The health retreat is really getting me back on track.”

Insta what? Tweet who now? All your dirty little travel secrets were safely secured away from the peering eyes of your social media following…and your boss…and your mum…who added all your friends on Facebook.


6.You could have been a pirate


Sock n’ stuff method? Faultless.

Because you knew how to hide your cash. Credit card, shmedit card. The sock system was the Rolls Royce of all stash away strategies. Some got a little more creative. A few hid their stash so well that they had to book a doctor’s appointment upon return.

What was your favourite 90s travel adventure?