It’s only been a matter of months since Uber went underwater with a new ride-share submarine experience on Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef and now in another first, there has been a scUber proposal. Awww.

A Canadian man made an oh so “so-fish-ticated” underwater proposal to his Australian girlfriend over the weekend during their scUber ride off Agincourt Reef.

And, she said YES!

Justin McIntaggart from Ontario, Canada, entered the global scUber competition, a campaign which saw more than 152,000 entries from around the world.


After being selected as one of six lucky winners, the 29-year-old took the plunge and asked his girlfriend, Kate Hartberg, 25, to take his hand in marriage at 20 metres below the ocean’s surface in scUber.

Back on land, a shell-shocked Kate, originally from Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, said: “Wow, I am speechless!”

“What a beautiful surprise. Justin and I both adore the ocean, and riding in the scUber submarine was already a “pinch myself” moment, but I really couldn’t believe my eyes when Justin got down on one knee.”


“We were in this magnificent bubble, surrounded by stunning coral and the most bright, colourful marine life, both in awe by the whole experience. It was just perfect, and extra special to share this moment in my home country.”

With scUber’s inaugural season on the Great Barrier Reef drawing to an end, this unique celebration has been one of the many incredible moments shared with local and international guests.


Is this one of the sweetest proposals that you’ve seen?