As of today, Flight Centre Travel Group’s youth arm Student Flights will be known as Universal Traveller, with the goal of expanding the brand’s appeal to a wider market.

Flight Centre announced plans to launch Universal Traveller back in May targeting travellers aged between 18 and 35.

Flight Centre’s managing director Graham Turner said Universal Traveller would “expand on the company’s previous Student Flights offering in Australia by offering tailored and exclusive products to a broader range of travellers”.

The launch of the new brand comes with fresh features and offers for its people and customers.


Universal Travellers’ people will be encouraged to become “travel influencers” by using their social media channels to inspire customers to travel.

They will also have access to fully paid Unlimited Annual Leave and Flexi-Time programs.

Customers will have access to products in six key categories: Student flights – discounted and flexible airfares for students and under-30s,  FIT and flash deals, Small group tours, Topdeck, Contiki and Busabout Festivals and Ancillary.

Universal Traveller General Manager Sean Martin said Universal Traveller would have a workforce of travel influencers, who can work flexibly and share their travel expertise from anywhere in the world.


“One of our top consultants nationally, Sophie Whiteing, was actually able to travel the world under our Unlimited Leave program for three months last year, while working remotely and being paid along the way.”

Universal Traveller General Manager Sean Martin

“Our second key difference is our shops, which are the most enticing places for young people to buy travel,” he said.

“Our shops all have Digi Screens to showcase the latest deals from our top suppliers and are located in youth zones in Australia’s top-50 shopping centres”.

All 52 Student Flights shops in Australia have now been rebranded to Universal Traveller.