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Save up to 35%: Chimu Adventures Epic Polar Sale celebrates freedom

Chimu Adventures is inviting Australian travellers to join the #ArrivalRevival celebrations and take advantage of up to 35% off 2022 Arctic and 2022/23 Antarctic cruises.

Chimu Adventures is inviting Australian travellers to join the #ArrivalRevival celebrations and take advantage of up to 35% off 2022 Arctic and 2022/23 Antarctic cruises.

It’s official. The border is open and Australians have pitched in and done their bit to get us to this exciting moment.

Now you can finally shake off the past two years and celebrate in style with a once in a lifetime adventure, thanks to Chimu’s ‘Freedom – You Deserve It’ sale.

And, with the Arctic and the Antarctic providing the ultimate settings to celebrate freedom, we’re sure you deserve it.

Chimu Tips
Chinstrap Penguins, Antarctica

Travelling to the polar regions is a truly one-of-a-kind travel experience.

The Arctic and the Antarctic are places where time stands still, and travellers can experience the natural world in all its glory. It’s the immersive, pulse-quickening travel experience that is the perfect antidote to the constraints of the past two years.

Lucky travellers can look forward to cruising north from Svalbard, Norway, searching for polar bears on the ice shelf.

Feel the goosebumps gathering on their skin as they come face to face with vast colonies of penguins framed by the dramatic icy world of Antarctica.

Or embark on the ultimate Antarctic adventure to South Georgia – home to some of the greatest concentrations of unique wildlife on earth and fascinating human history.

Arctic cruises start as low as $3,592 per person for a 6-day cruise onboard the Ocean Atlantic through the fjords, icebergs, and glaciers of Greenland’s iconic Disko Bay – a polar paradise packed full of dramatic landscapes and fascinating local culture.

Quark Expeditions, Ultramarine on the Antarctica, South Georgia & The Falklands itinerary.

Australian travellers can take the polar plunge and spend 12 days exploring the breathtaking, otherworldy environment of the Antarctic Peninsula for as low as $8,640.

For those looking for the ultimate all-encompassing post-COVD experience, Chimu offers longer cruises to Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falklands – areas bursting at the seams with incredible wildlife.

South Georgia is a wildlife lover’s paradise. Picture stunningly beautiful, rugged bays home to almost one million king penguins, plus countless seals, whales, and birdlife. Save up to 35% off cruises to Antarctica, South Georgia & The Falklands.

Wildlife enthusiasts looking to explore deep into the realm of the polar bear can experience the immense beauty of Svalbard, where the Arctic sea ice reaches down to the Norwegian archipelago.

Spitsbergen is the largest island of the Svalbard archipelago and one of the most famous wildlife hotspots in the Arctic region.

A realm of natural beauty where immense natural landscapes are home to unique and hardy wildlife, including the legendary polar bear. 

Prices start at $4,392 and include return flights from Oslo to Longyearbyen.
Cruises for 2022 are already heavily booked, so don’t delay!

In the words of Dr. Seuss, ‘You’re off the Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way!’

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