Wendy Wu Tours has officially launched its brand new, deluxe river cruise ship, Victoria Mekong, with the ship setting sail on its maiden voyage from Can Tho, Vietnam to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Founder and Chairwoman Wendy Wu was on board for the inaugural voyage accompanied by several VIP guests.

The 35-cabin Victoria Mekong is a key feature on the operator’s four new group tours and two new private tours through Vietnam and Cambodia, all with a maximum of only 18 people per group.

John Warr, Global Sales Director, Wendy Wu Tours described the new ship as “an incredibly exciting addition to our portfolio”.

“The ship has all the deluxe facilities of a 5-star standard ship, with all cabins enjoying private balconies and air conditioning, all at the price of a 4-star cruise, offering the utmost in comfort for customers”.

John Warr, Global Sales Director, Wendy Wu Tours

“We are very proud of the environmental credentials of the new ship, which set new standards in river cruising, as Victoria Mekong is now one of the greenest ships on the Mekong.”

The ship is equipped with a freshwater generator, processing river water into both fresh and drinkable water.

Victoria Mekong

Solar energy is used to help power the ship’s operating systems whilst its innovative and high-spec power plant enables a top speed of 11 knots.

Victoria Mekong fuses Asian-inspired interiors and features a pool with sun deck bar, contemporary Asia-themed bar and lounge with luxurious soft furnishings.

There is also a signature restaurant with a locally inspired menu that showcases native cuisine from the region.

The ship has 33 spacious deluxe cabins plus two luxurious VIP suites, all with private bathrooms and private balconies.

Wendy Wu Tours offers six unique itineraries which, for the first time, will sail from the much quieter port at Can Tho Pier to Phnom Penh and return whereas most cruises sail from Mỹ Tho, a much busier and crowded port.

This route also allows Victoria Mekong to explore the off the beaten track areas and to experience more unique offshore excursions along the Mekong Delta.

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