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TNZ Stop dreaming and go

Viking's Difference: Book Risk-Free & Bag 2022 Cruises At 2020 Prices

Viking's most popular itineraries are booking up quickly, and discerning travellers, keen to explore in comfort without the crowds can now book cruises departing in 2022 at 2020 prices.

Viking’s most popular itineraries are booking up quickly, and discerning travellers, keen to explore in comfort without the crowds can now book cruises departing in 2022 at 2020 prices.

Has a river cruise been on your to-do list for a while? Well, now is the perfect time to book your 2021 or 2022 adventure, with Viking Cruises. As well as offering the next two years of cruises at this year’s price point, Viking is also giving its passengers a risk-free guarantee as well as all the benefits of small ship cruising.

2022 cruises at 2020 prices

Viking Cruises

With Viking Cruises offering 2021 and 2022 cruises at 2020 prices, it’s no wonder why the next two years of departures are particularly popular amongst travellers, eager to get back out there and explore.

Save your hard-earned dollars and book your very own unique adventure right now. It’ll be something exciting to add to your diary and give you a trip to look forward to, that’s for sure.

“That’s amazing, but what else do Viking offer?”, we hear you say.

Well… we’re glad you asked…

An intimate experience

Viking Cruises

Still concerned about the social-distancing rules? Is it 1m? 1.5m? 2m? 4m? With Viking Cruises, you don’t even have to stress.

With its chic and spacious Scandinavian style small ships, you can explore in comfort, without the crowds.

Viking’s small ships offer all-outside, spacious staterooms as well as wide corridors and plenty of open, airy interiors. With just 190 guests travelling on each itinerary, you’ll always have plenty of room to move around and enjoy peaceful moments to yourself.

No risks? No problem…

Viking Cruises

If you feel uneasy planning so far ahead in these times of change, don’t let that ruin your chances of saving the big bucks!

With Viking, you can take advantage of the ‘Risk-Free Guarantee’, which is applicable to all new bookings.

This gives you the freedom to change your plans up to 24 hours before departure. Pretty good, right?

An inclusive fare

Viking Cruises

Viking is famous for its all-inclusive value, which means you don’t need to worry about counting the pennies while you’re away.

A Viking fare includes a complimentary shore excursion in each port of call, free wi-fi onboard (for those daily Facebook updates), all meals, beer, wine, and soft drinks served with lunch and dinner, enrichment lectures and destination performances and 24-hour specialty tea, coffee, bottled water, and gratuities.

The Viking difference

Viking is committed to offering you even more choice than ever before, which is why it continues to build new ships, constantly evolve and develop its on-shore experience program and create wondrous new itineraries – such as the amazing Seine and Mississippi cruises.

The Thinking Person’s cruise

Viking Cruises

When you set off on a Viking Cruise, you’ll enjoy the company of other curious, experienced and likeminded travellers.

Expand your mind and delve into the fascinating depths of each stop, with insights from guest lecturers, regional cuisine, and destination-inspired musical performances.

Literally every detail of the experience – both onboard and on-shore – is designed to enhance your connection to the destination and enrich your knowledge of the world around you.

Because after all, that’s why we travel, isn’t it?

So… what are you waiting for? Adventure awaits.

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