It’s the hook up between two Virgins that everyone’s actually interested in, & should conditions remain as favourable as they are, it’ll receive final authorisation before the end of the year.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has issued a draft determination that proposes to approve closer cooperation between Virgin Australia and Virgin Atlantic.

In the pitch put forth by the two Virgins in June this year, they requested deeper working relations on flights between Australia and the UK and Ireland via Hong Kong, Los Angeles and other future mutual connecting points.


Although the pair already have a codeshare arrangement in place, they’ve appealed to expand this so that they can coordinate in other areas such as prices, inventory and marketing strategies.

The ACCC said in a statement that its draft determination that the pair pitched closer ties to “attract more passengers”, but it could also result in better schedules and services for guests.


“In authorising this cooperation, we expect to see improvements to the carriers’ schedules and services to passengers.”

Stephen Ridgeway, ACCC Commissioner

Virgin Australia and Virgin Atlantic received interim authorisation from the ACCC on 4 July 2019. This will remain in effect until a final authorisation is announced in November.