Loveable plush koalas have been popping up all across the Big Apple to raise awareness and encourage people to donate to Australian wildlife affected by the bushfires.

The amazing initiative has been pulled together by the NYC branch of Australian ad agency Cummins&Partners.

Attached to the plush koalas is a QR code, which directs people to the Koalas of NYC Go Fund Me page which is raising money for WIRES – the largest wildlife rescue and rehabilitation charity in Australia.

Koalas New York

Image via Instagram @koalasofnyc

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The fundraiser has already raised over $10,000.

“Please help in spreading the word and save our beautiful wildlife, our country, and its people! The more people who are aware and engage with the Koalas of NYC, the better,”

Koalas of NYC


Paws for thought

Rachel Mitrani, New York native and member of the Cummins&Partners creative team, explained her motivation behind the initiative.

“Working at an Aussie-founded ad agency has made Australia dear to my heart. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel there on business and spend time with these iconic and beautiful animals. I absolutely adore them,”

“I was compelled to connect New Yorkers to what was happening on the other side of the world. With the demands of life these days, it’s often difficult to really understand the impact of the bushfires unless you’ve experienced Australia for yourself.”

“I’ve loved seeing the reactions to our koalas. This activation reminds people of the kindness and humanity that still exists in the world.”

Rachel Mitrani, Cummins&Partners

“A team, a city, a world can come together in times of crisis and shed a little light. The juxtaposition of some of the world’s most unique wildlife amongst a concrete jungle like New York City is what is so moving about this” she continued.

You can follow the koala’s adventures through the city on the @koalasofnyc Instagram account and share the love using the #koalasofnyc hashtag.

The agency states the account has already generated awareness across all continents through millions of impressions, snaps, and tags on the account.

Click here to donate.