If there’s ever a time to visit California’s trendiest city, West Hollywood, it’s now while the doors are opening to elegant new hotels & kitchens are lighting up inside fresh evening settings.

West Hollywood has well and truly shaken its 30-year rut, during which the city’s accommodation scene stood still without a single newbuild in sight.

Fortunately, renewed interest in the celebrity-favoured destination has seen a handful of brand new properties open up over the last few years – Kimpton La Peer, 1 Hotel, etc. –, and several more on the horizon.


Image: Roberto Nickson/Unsplash

During a recent visit to Sydney, Tom Kiely of Visit West Hollywood told Karryon that although visitor favourites remain, changes, particularly in accommodation, are revitalising the popular destination and expanding its appeal to a new audience.

Among the newbuilds restyling the city’s image is The Edition by Marriott, which will be one of only a handful in the world when it opens in September this year.

The Edition by Marriott is coming to West Hollywood later this year.

Kiely believes the presence of a big chain such as Marriott will elevate West Hollywood, while the property’s sophisticated and elegant proposition will offer visitors a new kind of stay.

“The Edition by Marriott is a very trendy lifestyle brand but also very upscale… it will really elevate West Hollywood, not only because of the quality and style of the hotel but because it’s associated with a big chain.”

Tom Kiely, Visit West Hollywood President & Chief Executive

Also shaking up the scene is The Montage Hotels & Resorts offshoot brand, Pendry, which will open in 2020 on Sunset Boulevard, next door to the Mondrian. The city’s tourism leader believes the four-star property will reach a younger demographic with its fun and lifestyle-focused approach.


Boutique brand Pendry will arrive in 2020.

Meanwhile, The Jeremy is undergoing a revamp to become a 1 Hotel that’ll chase the modern environmentally conscious traveller with its sustainability initiatives.

The conversion is expected to finish in 2022, and according to Kiely, it’ll set a new standard of sustainability and lessening consumption among accommodation providers.


The 1 Hotel will set a new standard of sustainability in the city.

“We, as a city, are very environmentally conscious and it’s a big deal for us to have such a sustainable brand – 1 Hotel – opening.”

Tom Kiely, Visit West Hollywood President & Chief Executive

While Kiely hinted at another handful of properties opening in the distant future, he also boasted about West Hollywood’s evolving night landscape, saying that new restaurants and nightclubs are taking off, especially among Aussies.

Recently emerging in the evening scene is the Conservatory, a restaurant and bar conveniently located on Santa Monica Boulevard. Visit West Hollywood’s boss described the venue as “very popular” thanks to its elegant and private space.


The Conservatory is a new elegant and private space.

Over at The Jeremy Hotel, soon-to-be 1 Hotel, there’s a new lounge called Harriet’s Rooftop where visitors can enjoy a cocktail and panoramic views of Los Angeles.

“The Hollywood Hills are right behind you and straight ahead are unobstructed views of Downtown L.A.,” Kiely explained.

Then there’s the Sunset Tower, which Kiela says has been around for some time but is still yet to be fully discovered by visitors and locals. He said it’s the best place to go for celebrity spotting.


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