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Wish You Weren't Here: The Colourful "Don't Visit Victoria" Social Media Campaign

What do you do if you're a graphic designer and feel that people aren't listening to the rules about where not to go? You design a collection of colourful art deco "stay away" postcards, of course!

What do you do if you’re a graphic designer and feel that people aren’t listening to the rules about where not to go? You design a collection of colourful art deco “stay away” postcards, of course!

Victoria-based graphic designers Jess Wheeler and Guillermo Carvajal decided to take matters into their own hands after becoming frustrated at all the people still travelling around VIC, despite the lockdown.

The cheeky and imaginative Australia Art Deco style postcards are not-so-politely, but rather hilariously asking people to stay home during COVID-19. Slogans such as “Enjoy picturesque Phillip Island / on Google Streetview, you sh*t head” and “Relax, Rejuvenate and Recharge in the Mornington Peninsular, with the bloody Calm app by transcendentally meditating yourself here instead” seem to get the message across.

Victoria Postcards

Jess shared his and Guillermo’s project on Facebook and it has had an overwhelming response. Most people think the campaign is fantastic and are asking the designers to make artwork for their towns. Others are calling for t-shirts, tea towels, and mugs!

Victoria Postcards

“Personally, we don’t think the concept of ‘stay at home’ is all that complicated to grasp. It’s three words. Three words that don’t actually require you to do, well, anything. In fact, it takes less effort to follow the instructions than to disobey them. But as we enter our second lockdown, amid the highest infection numbers to date, the gravity appears to have eluded some of you.”

Jess Wheeler, Facebook

“To help get the message across, Guillermo, and I decided to make some postcards on behalf of our fellow Victorians in rural areas. Postcards advertising just how beautiful and picturesque and inviting these places are. Inviting, because they haven’t been overrun by COVID-19 yet. And how they’d like to kindly invite you to f*** off out of there and keep it that way,” he continued.

Not everyone finds the campaign amusing, however. Councillors, business leaders and the people behind the #notallmelburnians are not impressed by the direct slogans and messaging.

Mr. Carvajal told the Sydney Morning Herald that he and Mr. Wheeler acted out of frustration and fear at seeing people leave town as COVID-19 cases soared.

Victoria Postcards

They felt strong language might persuade stubborn travellers to “stay the f— at home”, but the project was tongue in cheek.

The pair have now set up an online shop to sell goodies with their designs with plans to donate proceeds to charity. People are also permitted to download and use the images, as long as they are not being used for profit.

What do you think of the postcards? Let us know on our Facebook post.