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You Review launches to help Agents get customer feedback

We’ve all heard the saying “the customer is always right”, right? Yes, well, maybe that’s true, maybe its not.

We’ve all heard the saying “the customer is always right”, right? Yes, well, maybe that’s true, maybe its not.



What is true is that the customer experience is a critical driver of customer loyalty and referral for service industries, especially travel, tourism, retail and hospitality. Customer experience is probably the last true source of sustainable differentiation for businesses that want to be the best in their field.

With a bit of enthusiasm, confidence and motivation, most businesses can give a customer a unique and memorable experience. But doing it consistently requires, commitment, trained staff, systems and an intimate knowledge of what the customer is thinking.

What if you could capture customer opinions anonymously, quickly, in real time and in unprecedented volumes and turn it into accumulated intelligence that could improve business performance? You can with You Review.

You Review for Agents

You Review is an in-store online customer feedback platform that collects customer feedback in-store or on-property, where it’s fresh and most likely to reflect the actual customer experience. It is collected daily, in real time, across single or multiple sites via your own iPad or tablet with the You Review App installed and very quickly builds a picture of how a business is performing on two broad questions; customer service and business fundamentals.

It’s like a continual pulse measuring customer opinion on a range of factors like staff communication, friendliness and knowledge, product range, availability, premise cleanliness, value for money and quality.

How Does it Benefit Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Businesses?

• Provides customer service with the tangible and quantifiable

measurement that it deserves

• Builds customer loyalty, retention, goodwill and advocacy through improved customer satisfaction
• Identifies specific areas of either over or under performance.
• Benchmark your business internally, from departmental level right through to group national level
• Helps to diffuse negative reviews on social media platforms
• Builds a positive culture and environment for staff, business owners and managers and your customers
• Allows you to set goals, track progress and prioritise specific areas of your business that may need attention
• Enhances your brands perception for embracing innovation and technology
• Include and analyse this data as part of business performance reporting

How do you currently obtain your customer feedback?