There are dozens, if not hundreds, of theme cruises offered around the world annually from music themes to hobby themes and everything in between. But some of them are particularly interesting.

When you combine your holiday with your hobby and passion – these cruises really are a recipe for an outstanding holiday. Meeting people who share the same beliefs and are often from different parts of the world, is the real reason cruising is taking on a whole new look and we love it.

What all themed cruises have in common is a chance to explore your interests with others who share the same passion. Well, we’ve done the hard yards (and crazy yards) to find some of the best – you’re welcome…




Image: Walker Stalker Cruise/Facebook

Dare to board the Walker Stalker Cruise?

The Norwegian Pearl ran a 4-day cruise from Tampa to Nassau earlier this year with most of the big stars from the show taking part in Q&A Sessions and autograph signings. But beware blood-red pools and biters (in full makeup from a seminar) at the bowling alley or the gym.





Live long & cruise… wait, prosper? In January, the redecorated Norwegian Jade took beam fans and Starfleet alumni from a variety of the sci-fi franchise’s including Brent Spiner, Jason Isaacs and Rene Auberjonois to Miami, the Cayman Islands, and Jamaica.

Fortunately, for those who missed out last year, there’s a 2020 cruise coming up. Click here for more information.





Okay, so some people tend to put weight on during the course of their cruise (and who wouldn’t with all the delicious food and die-hard relaxation) but for some, that’s just not the case.

Royal Caribbean runs an annual Zumba Cruise for the fitness fanatics! The Zumba creator himself, Beto Pérez, teaches just about every type of Zumba you can imagine—indoors, outdoors, beginner, advanced, under the stars, accompanied by a DJ or a band, in the water.



Did man really walk on the moon? Well, he certainly learnt how to book a cruise! Talk about strange: A conspiracy cruise brings together conspiracy theorists. These cruises typically offer guests the opportunity to attend roundtables hosted by famous conspiracy theorists and uncover “the truth” about a host of controversial subjects.





Carnival Cruise Lines is giving the people what they want – a cat dedicated cruise. Legit!

Activities for cat lovers will abound, including a Meow Meow Meet & Greet, Meow Meow Scavenger Hunts, Meow Meow Group Dining, Meow Meow Mixer, and Meow Meow Trivia. Click here to learn more.

Funnily enough, no cats allowed.



Okay, this one is less wacky and more awesome!

Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Infinity is hosting the world’s first dedicated Golden Girls cruise next year, that’ll see fans of classic foursome come together at sea.

The cruise will run for five nights, during which time fans will be able to attend 80s fancy dress parties, playing bingo, and, of course, eating cheesecake.


What’s the weirdest & wackiest cruise you’ve come across?