Klick Korner: 5 social media and tech trends you need to know about

Travel PR specialists Klick Communications are back with a weekly update delivering you the latest in travel technology and the ever-changing social media scene. Read on for digital enlightenment.

Travel PR specialists Klick Communications are back with a weekly update delivering you the latest in travel technology and the ever-changing social media scene. Read on for digital enlightenment.


1. Taco Bell’s Snapchat lens shatters record


Image Source: YPulse

Taco Bell has hit dizzy new heights in the social space. Their sponsored lens campaign that turned consumers’ heads into a giant taco shell was used to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and racked up a cool 224 million views in one day!

The social team at Taco Bell worked directly with Snapchat for six weeks on the lens. Adweek has previously reported that the ad format costs $750,000 for holidays and big events like the Super Bowl.

Taco Bell beat Gatorade’s Super Bowl campaign that used to hold the record with 165 million views.

The average user played with Taco Bell’s ad for 24 seconds before sending it as a ‘snap’ and the campaign generated 12.5 years’ worth of play in a day, according to Snapchat.

On demand filters launched in February as a way for marketers to create their own campaigns with specific targeting parameters. Prices for the filters start at $5 and vary based on the time and size of the campaign.


2. Twitter says users now trust influencers nearly as much as their friends

Twitter adweek

Image source: Adweek

According to a joint study by Twitter and analysis from analytics firm Annalect, social media influencers might have nearly as much influence as a friend.

Around 40% of respondents said they’ve purchased an item online after seeing it used by an influencer on Instagram, Twitter, Vine or YouTube. Furthermore, 20% said they shared something they saw from an influencer and 1/3 of millennials say they follow a creator on Twitter or Vine.


3. 360 photos are coming to your Facebook News Feed

We Are Social Media FB 360

Image source: We Are Social Media

Remember those panorama photos you took? Facebook is going to be giving them a new lease of life soon. The ‘360 Photos’ feature will allow you to upload panoramas from smartphones, 360 cameras, and Google Photo Spheres.

Viewers on Facebook will be able to navigate round the image by holding and dragging or moving their device just like 360 videos.


4. Items from your shopping cart may start showing up in your Instagram Feed

Ad week Instagram Dynamic Ads

Image source: Techcrunch

Abandoned cart ads are coming to Instagram. To capitalise on the app’s ecommerce capabilities, Instagram is introducing dynamic ads. This will allow brands to reach their targeted audience, whilst also prompting consumers about products they’ve shown interest in.

According to research from Facebook and Instagram, 60% of Instagram users say they discover new products on the platform, while 75% say a post has inspired them to take action.

Although new to Instagram, dynamic ads have been available on Facebook since February 2015. Marriot Hotels is one of the brands interested in trying dynamic ads on Instagram, this will help them evolve their messaging from a single transaction to an ongoing guest relationship that drives deeper engagement.


5. Instagram’s analytics will offer audience demographics, post impressions, reach and more

TechCrunch Instagram Analytics

Image source: TechCrunch

Instagram is preparing to launch a series of new tools for the businesses and brands using its platform, including business profiles with contact buttons, access to maps, tools for tracking analytics, and a mobile ad-buying experience.

Instagram’s analytics offering are likely to be focused on two main areas – follower demographics and post analytics. The follower section will offer demographic details about audience, including location, age and gender. The post data will focus on content and provide information about impressions, reach and website clicks.

The follower activity information will help brands understand when to time their posts as it displays the most popular times of the day when your followers are using Instagram.

We can’t wait for all these exciting new features, it’s about time!

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