No one likes long layovers but they’re so much more bearable when you’re in a swanky lounge – this app opens the doors to these lounges for everyone.

We all love the airport lounges, the food is often amazing and there’s a chance to freshen up and even have a shower, not to mention the free wifi – a lifesaver when away on business.

Unfortunately, we’re not always flying business or first class, so often we don’t have access to these exclusive areas.

There are also variables out of our control, like delays and cancellations that could leave us waiting in airports for hours on end.



Fortunately, finding the best place to chill out at the airport IS in your control. LoungeBuddy is your answer to finding a place to relax, be productive, freshen up, or just get away from it all.

LoungeBuddy is the only App that displays all airport lounges in over 500 of the busiest airports around the world.

Find your airport oasis – whether you’re a casual traveler flying economy with a long layover, or an elite traveler flying first class.


One time access to private lounges



My favourite feature is allowing access to the exclusive airport lounges (for a one time fee).

Hundreds of lounges around the world are now available for purchase in app so you can find a comfortable spot to relax and have a cocktail, a work desk to be productive, a place to have a meal while enjoying views of the tarmac, or access to a shower after that long flight.


Don’t be confused about what you can access



Nothing worst than walking into a place and being rejected.

Loungebuddy also allows you to find out what lounges are accessible with your ticket.

Sometimes your ticket gives you access to many lounges in one airport, Loungebuddy also allows you to take a virtual tour of the lounges available in the airports you can make sure you get the best available.


Features (according to Loungebuddy): 

Lounge Access Wizard – Tell us about your trip, class of service, and any elite status, memberships, or credit cards you may have and we tell you which lounges you may access for free or a one time fee. 

Airport coverage around the world – We’ve started with 500 of the busiest and most popular airports in the world (over 1800 lounges) and will be adding more on a regular basis.

Filter by amenities – Find the right lounge for your needs at the right time. 

Airport lounge information all in one place – View hours, location, ratings, reviews, photos, amenities, access requirements, and guest privileges for each lounge. 

With LoungeBuddy, you’re an instant VIP – Share your photos, ratings, and reviews of lounges to help other members make the most of their lounge experience. 

Manage your LoungeBuddy Profile – Set your home airport and manage your status, memberships, photos and reviews. 

Download Loungebuddy on iTunes or Google Play

Where’s your favourite airport lounge?