At KarryOn we’ve been busy studying the platform and think it’s safe to say, we’re now fully qualified to Snap and Chat, and we LOVE it!

Last month it wasn’t just KarryOn who jumped on the new Snapchat wagon, we started to receive photos from Travel Agents doing the classic ‘face swap’ and the result was hilarious.

With the increasing interest in Snapchat both as a social tool as well as a clever new marketing tool, travel PR agency Klick Communications are listing what you need to know about the new darling of social media.


Klick Communications Snapchat guide

Snapchat has been around for 5 years now, however in the past 12 months, usage has increased by an astounding 46% in Australia.

Unlike other social media platforms, Snapchat is about real-time, unedited content and taps into the engaging power of ‘living and sharing in the moment.’

We’ve been inspired by Snapchat’s recent collaboration with Burberry, which marked two firsts for the luxury brand.

Burberry has become the first luxury brand to host a Snapchat Discover feature. It has also become the first brand to use Snapchat’s ‘snapcode’ on fragrance bottles to scan for more content on Snapcat.

Burberry cleverly offers an opportunity to younger consumers to buy into a luxury brand and proves that luxury brands can talk to a younger audience without undermining production values and art direction.

Our favourite brands to follow on Snapchat are BurberryTaco BellCosmopolitan and National Geographic.


  1. 8 billion video views per day
  2. 100 million monthly active users
  3. 54% of users use it daily
  4. 65% of daily users create new content 
  5. 30 minutes average time spent on platform per day
  6. Snapchat is the #2 favourite social platform in the US
  7. 64% smartphone users between the ages of 18 and 24 years
  8. Snapchat has more users than Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn



 Klick_Snapchat Mockup_Happening     Klick_Snapchat Mockup_Goals

 Klick_Snapchat Mockup_Kanteen     Klick_Snapchat Mockup_Award

Snapchat has rolled out a host of new features in effort to offer every type of mobile communication in one interface, competing with Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Viber. You can now switch easily between photo, video, text and voice.

  • On-demand Geofilters: anyone can now create location-based custom-overlays for both personal or business use. Though brand-sponsored filters have existed for some time, the new on-demand filters cover a smaller geographic area, with prices starting at $5. Currently available to users in the US, UK and Canada.
  • Auto-advancing Snapchat stories: Snapchat will automatically serve you the next story in queue without having to click on the user’s story.
  • Stickers: over 200 to use in private chat. Click on icon of smiley face with tongue.
  • Looping videos: send 10 second video clips that loop like gifs
  • Video and audio calls: you can make these without starting a text chat first
  • Photo exchange: you can now send multiple photos in private chat and apply filters and effects



1. Find Friends: let Snapchat find friends through numbers in your address book, add by Username, or by Snapcode
2. Take a Snap: Tap the circle at the bottom of the screeen to take a photo, or hold the circle to take a video (no more than 10 seconds long)
3. Add a Caption: Tap anywhere on the screen to add a sticker, text caption or draw on the snap.
4. Add a Filter: Swipe right to add even more fun to your snap by overlaying with a Filter. You can enable this feature in Settings > Manage > Filters
5. Add to your Story: compilations of snaps that create a narrative, appearing in chronological order. Once you’ve taken the snap, tap the + button on the bottom of the screen to add the Snap to your Story. By default, your Story is set to be viewed by ‘My Friends’  however you can customise this in settings.


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What do you think about Snapchat?