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Tourism Australia It's Our Best Shot Campaign

5 super easy tips to crush your travel sales targets

Want to crush your targets? Remember these five simple tips to build your client list and increase your sales. They'll help keep you in mind every time your clients think about travel.

Want to crush your targets? Remember these five simple tips to build your client list and increase your sales. They’ll help keep you in mind every time your clients think about travel.

With so many options now available to travellers wanting to book their travel it’s becoming really challenging to build, maintain and foster a client base for travel agents.

Here’s some tips to improve your travel sales – FYI: You should already be doing all of these.

Apologies in advance for the cheesy stock photos. We were too busy selling at the time to find some cool ones 😉


1. Reach Out


We’re sure this has been drilled into your consciousness by every sales manager you’ve ever had, but it’s repeated for a reason – you’ve got to go out and prospect.

Reach out to your existing clients, this is something clients actually appreciate.

Give them a call a week or so after they return to ask about how it went, they’re associating you with the good experiences they had.

You can start asking about their future travel plans and make note of their travel interests then you can call them later if great packages come up that suits them. Don’t be afraid to ask if they know other people who are looking to get away, they may not, but if someone mentions travel to them, you’ll be the first person on their mind.

P.S. Don’t overdo it, calling daily or even weekly gets really annoying.


2. Get social


Everyone expects us to talk about social media in this part, and I will touch on it. I think it’s one of the best ways to engage with your customers.

Posting photos, videos and sharing tips on social media will get them sharing your travel expertise with their friends and sets you up as an authority.

However, we’re a firm believer in actually being social. Going out to community events, meeting new people, expanding your social network (offline) will help you sell more.

Cast your net wide, when someone needs a travel agent, you need to be the one they talk about when they say “I have a friend who’s a travel agent, I’ll get you their card”.


3. Go old skool


How often do you get mail these days, not e-mail or bills, but an actual handwritten letter? Very rarely.

When you travel, either domestic or overseas, send postcards to some of your clients (not the same ones all the time and not just your top 20). Write about how amazing the trip was, what activities you did and that you look forward to chatting about your experiences when you return.

If you still want new skool, you can download free apps such as Australia Post’s Postcard App and send your clients one of your holiday snaps or destinations they love for around AUD$1 a pop.

Now that’s clever. And VERY thoughtful.

It’s not just about making them jealous, although that’s part of it, it’s about the clients associating you with travel.


4. Target groups


There are countless amounts of clubs and organisations out there that you can find easily online and in the Yellow Pages.

Check out all the travel materials you get from suppliers and try to match some of the programs available with club interests. For instance, a club who’s main interest is Elvis Presley, might be interested in Elvis themed tours.

Don’t be afraid to attend some of the club’s events for networking purposes, but again, don’t overdo it, you don’t want to attend a group function just for war veterans when you’ve never fought a war.


5. Know your sh*t (Obviously)


With a wealth of information available online for prospective travellers to check out, there’s a huge chance that the customer has been dreaming and researching their destination prior to walking through your door. They could know more than you sometimes.

Be an expert, make sure you stay updated with useful destination and product information, always check supplier websites for new packages available and of course, read quality travel trade publications *cough*KarryOn*cough* for the latest industry news, trends and tips on how to increase your sales.

Plus reach out to your agent network and suppliers for destinations you haven’t been to. Use the power of the cord to help you create winning itineraries and service.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll already be on your way to bonus heaven. Cheers to that!

What’s your top travel sales tip? Share your thoughts in the comments below.