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5 times travellers need to get out of their own heads & country

We try to help when there’s a problem. Sometimes we just want to say “FFS. Get over it”, here’s when.

We try to help when there’s a problem. Sometimes we just want to say “FFS. Get over it”, here’s when.



The inevitable about Brexit include:

  1. That everyone is now an expert (I read the internet and thus I know);
  2. We need to reference it in everything we do from this point forward and;
  3. It’s all about me.

Number three gets me the worst as on reflection is how bad it is for ‘me’. As I sit on a flight to Canberra I ponder that really, we have become extremely good at whining and moaning about just about anything. Out the window goes any semblance of understanding, empathy and EI as people race to post to an audience doesn’t listen.

Travel? Its awesome, but here are five occasions when its time to get over it and suck it up sweetheart as travel is about diversity and getting out of your own head and country.


1. Of just about anything

In 1994 I scored a job of my dreams in the UK. Okay, it was more that I was moving out of home for a year to the UK as £8000 per annum was not a dream stuff. I raced down to the commonwealth bank and withdrew $1,600 cash and raced across the road to Jetset Eltham and flew KLM. Qantas fare was $200 more. That was cash I did not have. Myers paid $13 an hour, chopping trees and clearing gutters got me $10 an hour cash in hand. 22 years ago. Travel is a privilege, not a right. Save. People spend $1,600 on a watch these days.


2. I spent an hour getting through customs

Yes, diddums. Five planes landed at once. Why can’t they just be quicker?  Oh, the person was a bit grumpy when doing my stamp… I mean, their job. Protecting our borders, keeping the country safer, all that. Oh, it’s four in the morning when you landed. Sorry you were feeling tired from sitting on your backside watching Seinfeld reruns whilst they were working in a job putting up with a couple of thousand grumpy pricks like you each day.



3. They didn’t wait for me


Whether your plane was late or the customs bloke to offence to your total lack of empathy, you emerged a couple of hours later on your “trip of a life time”. That @#$%^& transfer driver decided not to wait three hours but get his next fare. He is earning something perilously close to just over a poverty line who spends all day dealing with jet lagged foreigners who don’t have currency and who can’t tip. They have a life. Hand over $50 (you have spent $20,000 to date, but no, complain about 0.1 percent more) and sort it out later.


4. I have to get ANOTHER visa


Oh god, not another country protecting its borders. “But you are all on the same land mass” does not mean they all have the same expectation of what makes a reasonable entrant into their country. This whole “ease of travel” thing is relatively new and Brexit will teach you its probably too easy. Big deal, plan your trip, get the stamp in your Visa. Even then it’s not too bad. Most places, including India (who had one of the least cooperative consulates in the world) support online or on arrival applications.

Diddums, you might need to wait another 30 minutes somewhere for holiday of a lifetime to begin.


5. The smelt/child was noisy/didn’t like the thing that was different from how it is a home

Then stop travelling. Stay at home and do the rest of the world a massive favour.

Are you ever sick of hearing people complain?