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5 tips for every travel agent

While some of these strategies may seem 'basic', it doesn't hurt to remind yourself to adhere to these practices.

While some of these strategies may seem ‘basic’, it doesn’t hurt to remind yourself to adhere to these practices.


Booking travel is becoming an even more competitive landscape, but for travel agents and indeed, agencies or groups, there may be just a few simple steps you should consider in order to increase sales and the overall success of your business.

Based on input from industry professionals and top selling agents from Canada, we don’t see why these tips aren’t universal in some way. While some of these strategies may seem ‘basic’, it doesn’t hurt to remind yourself to adhere to these practices.


1. Call your client list

KarryOn_clientlist_post1That couple, family or group of friends you booked on a great holiday last year? Give them a call and ask if they’re considering their next trip destination. Perhaps have some ideas in mind to tempt them into making their next booking with you.


2. Conversation is key

KarryOn_talking_post2When a client walks into your agency, take time to ask questions and understand what they are looking for and interested in. Instead of simply offering up what’s easiest or most familiar to you, think about what product would best suit them instead of simply handing over brochures and information they could otherwise find online. By opening up a conversation, you will begin the process of demonstrating your value as a travel agent.


3. Upsell!

KarryOn_upsell_post3Don’t simply assume that if a client requests one specific package, destination or property that their minds can’t be changed. Offer suggestions for higher-priced items but be sure to explain the added value of these particular options.

Also on this point, offer to book excursions, travel insurance, flight upgrades, airport lounge tickets and other add-ons on their behalf, which will not only save them the hassle of doing it themselves, it will once again demonstrate your added value.


4. Follow up

KarryOn_followup_post4When a client returns from a holiday, send a thank you card to acknowledge your appreciation for their business. Be sure to also send them an email or give them a call seeking feedback on the destination, tour or package they booked to expand your knowledge of that particular product.

Share the information with your team so everyone gets that first-hand feedback.


5. Participate in webinars and training

KarryOn_training_post5As with any field, one key to professional development is education. Actively take part in webinars and training that is available in order to keep up to date on the latest trends and products out there. Consider establishing a niche and become an expert in a particular field of travel (business, cruise, luxury, etc.), then leverage all learning opportunities you can find associated with that particular area of expertise.

Have other tips and tricks to share? Please comment below!