An increasing number of travel agents are turning away from traditional retail/office environments and going mobile, reaping the greater financial rewards, freedom and flexibility that comes with being your own boss.

We are living through a revolution my friends.

If you’ve been flirting with the idea of become a Mobile Travel Agent, then you may want to give this a read.

Here are seven perks of working from home.


1. No commute to and from the office


Not only will you be able to spare yourself the twice-daily struggle of negotiating bumper to bumper traffic and crowded trains, trams and buses by not having to commute to and from the office five days a week, but you’ll also be able to use that time (anywhere from 1 to 2 hours on average) more effectively, doing what it is you do best: selling travel, following up on clients, and just generally kicking butt.


2. Work at a time that suits you & your clients


Join the revolution today and experience what it’s like to not have to work traditional business hours.

With MTA – Mobile Travel Agents it’s all about working when (and where) is best for you and your clients. You’ll be able to access your CRS virtually anywhere, as long as you have a working internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G/4G data connection).

That means you can meet your clients on their lunch break near their office; or you can organise to meet them on the weekends which may suit your schedule better – it’s totally up to you.


3. You will save money


Working from home will save you a whole heap money. For travel agents and agency owners, just imagine how much you can save by not having to commute everyday to work? And specifically for agency owners, imagine a world where indemnity insurance is free and tickets are issued without any cost to you? Running your own business as a MTA – Mobile Travel Agent will reduce your expenses and put you well on your way to greater financial freedom for you and your family.


4. Be your own boss


There’s no one to answer to as a MTA – Mobile Travel Agent, except your customers. There’s no KPI’s, no office politics, and no having to ask permission for time off.

Instead, there’s ultimate choice and responsibility. You choose the products you want to sell; you deal with the clients you want to deal with; and you can run your business in your own way to achieve your own business goals, whatever they may be.


5. Less stress and things to worry about


There are less things to worry about when working as a MTA – Mobile Travel Agent as you don’t have to stress about things such as rent, staff costs and professional indemnity insurance.

These overheads are all taken care of for you, giving you greater peace of mind, more freedom, and more time to focus on making sales and satisfying your clients.


6. You are never alone


With over 30 staff working to support you and your business in the Head Office (including a superstar IT support desk), plus another 350 or so MTA – Mobile Travel Agents currently enjoying the fruits that comes with working for yourself, help, tips, and support are only ever just a phone call, email, or chat box away.

MTA – Mobile Travel Agents believe in fostering a community-like vibe with their agents, and as far as they’re concerned, every single agent is part of one big happy family.


7. More famils!


Finally, nothing beats actually travelling to a destination to help you sell it back home. Because MTA – Mobile Travel Agents have awesome buying power and excellent relationships with suppliers and wholesalers, you’ll be able to take advantage of even more famils than you’re probably used to.

And want to know the best bit? Even when you go away on a famil, your clients will still be looked after by an experienced professional, at no additional cost to you, and you’ll still receive your full commission. How great is that?!

Ready to go mobile with MTA – Mobile Travel Agents? Send us an email to [email protected] or give us a call on 1300 682 000. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Can you think of some other perks that come from working from home?

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