How do we be more productive at work? It seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, and no matter how hard we try, we inevitably end up staying behind after hours and not taking our lunch breaks.

But hey people: HURRAH! Because there is a better way to be more productive at work.

Work smarter, not harder, is what the experts say. But how does this translate into real life?

Well, this is where we can help. Here are five kick @ss tips to being way more productive in the workplace.


1. Lay off the Facebook


You don’t really need to know what Mike had for lunch, or what Jessica thinks of the latest episode of the Bachelor, now do you?

Many companies block the amount of time you’re allowed to access Facebook, and although we could never condone such draconian measures, perhaps it’s time you exercised a wee bit of self-control and limit the amount of time you use to scroll the infinite Facebook news feed at work.


2. Don’t reply to (all) your emails


In a previous article entitled “Top 10 tips to send kick @ss emails,”  we waxed lyrical on how you really don’t need to reply to every single email you receive.

Sounds pretty counterintuitive, eh?

But think about it: sometimes it’s simply superfluous to reply with a “let me find out” or “I don’t know yet, I’ll get back to you.”

Instead, make better use of your time by only replying to an email when you actually have the answer.


3. Try not to gossip (too much)


We know it’s sometimes irresistible to talk about THAT Buzz night or travel industry event when so-and-so hooked up with such-and-such, and x said y to z.

But try to keep the gossip to a low roar. Gossip has that special power to eat into your time without you even noticing it, and the next thing you know you’ll be neck-deep in quotes and invoices that you’ll just want to scream!

Better yet, don’t gossip at all, and watch your commission’s skyrocket! But hey, gossip is just so much fun, ain’t it?


4. Avoid email like the plague!


Studies have found that it takes on average about 64 seconds to get back on track to what you were doing before you opened an email.

This means that the more emails you open and read, the further behind you’ll find yourself in your workload. The solution? Allocate two 30 minute chunks of your day to your inbox and use only this time to respond to email.

Congrats: the days of staying behind at work and going hungry at lunchtime are now behind you!


5. Be like a Virgin and exercise


Some years ago, Richard Branson was asked what advice he’d give others hoping to up their productivity. But the answer he gave wasn’t what most had expected.

Instead of telling the reporter that these people should learn the art of speed reading or employ the latest and greatest time management technique known to man, he told them that they should exercise.

Yep, Virgin CEO Richard Branson swears by exercise as his most important productivity hack. So instead of spending your lunch break mindlessly scrolling your Facebook news feed, hit the streets or the park and clear your head with some walking.

Once you get back into the office, odds are you’ll find you’re able to complete tasks a lot faster as a lot of the mental fog would have cleared and you’ll be typing up quotes and making bookings as fast as Usain Bolt!

Do you have any other tips for being more productive in the workplace? Share what works below…