Today, job seekers and employees are increasingly savvy, and busier than ever swiping left and right when it comes to deciding which company they want to work for and if they want to stay or leave.

Since employees will undoubtedly look at your website, social media and use platforms like Glassdoor to find out what it’s like to work for your company, the best way to attract the right people is to take control of your company’s story.

If you think they’re not going to do some background research before applying for a role at your company, think again. As it turns out, employer branding is actually a pretty big deal, especially if you want to work with the best in the business.


How do you appeal to the right talent?

Finding the best and most-suited talent for your company comes down to having a clear employer branding strategy. Yes, marketing even crosses into HR.

The best employer brands are transparent, show behind the scenes insights, make their employees the stars of their stories, and give a clear representation into the day-to-day life of ‘what it’s like to work at company X.’

So how do you go about this?


Create talent profiles


Beyond thinking about the qualities and qualifications needed for different roles, your company should think about the key elements that will attract each type of group. For example, developers are attracted to companies that invest in innovation, while sales talent may be attracted to bonuses and other incentives.

Having clear personas for the types of people you want to attract will make it easier to tell your story and market your company to different groups.


Who are you?

You need to clearly show who you are, so make sure your website has a landing page dedicated to careers.

This page should be an opportunity to tell your company’s story, showcase your values, shine a spotlight on some of your employees and outline how you invest in development. If your company is socially responsible, don’t be shy about it – tell people.

To attract talent for different business functions you can create categories and custom content that focuses on subjects known to be of interest to the types of people you need. For example, you can write about the tech you’re using to attract engineers or discuss leadership opportunities for those in sales and business development.

And since it’s the travel industry, talk about any travel perks on offer or discounts exclusive to your employees.


Dominate your space


When it comes to attracting the right people for your company, it’s important to understand where your target talent hangs out online. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or on blogs, make sure that your effort is felt in the right spaces.

Start a behind the scenes instagram account for your team, post company culture updates on LinkedIn, or use PR to get featured on ‘best company to work for’ lists.

If you invest in your employee brand and deliver on your promises, the right talent won’t have to think twice about joining your organisation.


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Which company would you swipe right for?