If you think we’re done showcasing why travellers should book with an agent, think again! We continue this week with another top 10 stellar reasons to book with a travel agent.

21. Where to Go to Avoid Kids


Want to go somewhere without children running all over the place? A travel agent can help you to find excellent retreats that are open to adults only.

22. Good Senior Trips


Need a trip with a good balance of sight-seeing, rest and relaxation? Travel agents can help lucky retirees plan great extended trips that are senior-friendly.

23. Student Discounts


Some travel agents are an excellent go- to source for students looking to go on discounted trips.

24. Exotic Adventures


Travel experts can help to recommend great once in a lifetime experiences. They can help you to find the best/safest shark cages to dive into and the highest free-fall bungees to jump off.

25. Great Deals without Sitting at a Time Share Presentation


Want an affordable trip to Florida without having to sit through a timeshare presentation? A travel agent can help you to exceptional deals without the stipulations.

26. What to Eat


Where are all the top chefs at your destination? Travel specialists give great advice on the best restaurants to hit on your trip.

27. What Not to Eat


Leaving your home country and not familiar with the new language? Travel agents can help give you some forewarnings so you don’t accidentally order the local delicacy (which may or may not be specially prepared bugs) without meaning to.

28. Local Traditions


Travel specialists can update you on all local traditions and customs of places you are visiting, so you make a good impression. For example, in Japan many people expect their visitors to take their shoes off before entering their homes.

29. Local Laws


Many countries have laws that are very different from your own. Travel agents can help give you a quick rundown of what you need to be aware of before you go.

30. Busiest Travel Times to Avoid


If you want a quiet trip, travel experts know what dates you should avoid and can help you plan your trip accordingly.

Do you have any case examples where one of these points particularly rang true to you?

These tips were supplied by ASTA.