We’re over half way through our series of the best reasons to use a travel agent!

Here’s the latest  top 10 reasons travel agents are still the best resource when it comes to making travel bookings.

51. Immunisations That May Be Needed

Doctor_Immunisation_KarryOnTo enter certain countries you may be required to obtain certain immunisations first. Your travel expert can advise you on the steps you need to take.

52. Special Deals Worked Out in Advance

Sale_Holiday_KarryOnTravel agents may have a relationship with certain tour operators and could be able to get you a special price that might not otherwise be available.

53. Make Travel Meaningful for Children

Ribbon cutting_Pacific Partnerships Program Quality Manager Georgia Noy opens the kindy with Talwa childrenTravel agents can offer information about kid-friendly activities on your trip to make the experience exciting and meaningful for everyone.

54. Where to Shop

Shopping KarryOnTravel agents can offer excellent advice on great shopping neighbourhoods in your destination city.

55. Avoid Scams. Not all 5 star hotels are treated equally

Bad_Hotel_Bed_KarryOnMany times photos are outdated and information about the hotel you are considering may not be true. Travel agents can make sure that what you are seeing beforehand is what you get.

56. What You Can Buy Later

karryon_packingappNew airline restrictions make packing for long trips hard. Travel experts can give you advice on what you might be able to purchase while you are on your trip to avoid having excess weight in your luggage beforehand.

57. Advice on Where to Go if You Get Sick

Doctor_Hospital_KarryOnIf you happen to be unfortunate enough to get hurt or fall ill while on your trip, your travel agent can help you find somewhere clean and safe for medical attention.

58. Trust

Trust_KarryOnIf you should have any questions after booking your trip, you know how to reach your travel agent and can avoid the confusing FAQ section on a website.

59. You Know How to Reach Them When You Need Them

6_richard_branson_phone_writing_pen_letterProblems at the airport? Reservation issues at the hotel? Your travel agent is a phone call away from getting your problem solved.

60. Tips and Tricks

Airport liquidsHow early do you really need to be at the airport? What are the quickest ways to get through security? Your travel expert can advise you of the airport security levels the day of your trip and any new security checkpoints you may have to worry about.

Which of these tips do you think rings particularly true?

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These tips were provided by ASTA.