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EDEN HEALTH RETREAT: Give your body a First Class travel experience in Queensland

Travel-mad Zoe Macfarlane shares her life on the road as a digital nomad, this week she comes to us from Eden Health Retreat where she's giving her body a First Class treatment.

Travel-mad Zoe Macfarlane shares her life on the road as a digital nomad, this week she comes to us from Eden Health Retreat where she’s giving her body a First Class treatment.

Sometimes you need to check out, not check-in for your holiday. A metaphorical left turn to the pointy end of the plane instead of the crammed vibes of economy.

Board first with me to discover why Eden Health Retreat was as rewarding as an Emirates suite. Without the astronomical price tag (and free booze), of course.




Mother Nature’s Swaddling. Image: Zoe Macfarlane

Forget feeling cramped and claustrophobic; the number one reason for flying first class is for the legroom.

At Eden Health Retreat, the 400-acres of Gold Coast hinterland offered an upgrade to your physical and mental space. The environment soothed like a late-night lullaby whispered to a screaming baby. Only this time, the baby was my stress level, fatigued body, and ‘busyness’. I likened it to Mother Nature’s swaddling.




The dream bathtub. Image: Zoe Macfarlane

Remember that 4.00am flicker of lights in economy for a soggy breakfast you didn’t need to be woken for? At Eden, as in first class, your rest is on your terms.

The 28 light-filled cabins provide the privacy you need to integrate the day’s activities… and life! The sounds of the Currumbin Valley, plush bed, and dream bathtub (with epic valley views) proved the ultimate sanctuary.




Creative, Wholesome Food. Image: Zoe Macfarlane

When you book first class, you expect standards to be as high as your altitude.

Aside from their quality, wholesome food (no stodge or bloating here), Eden also delivered mile-high spa treatments. Choose from conventional therapies through to intuitive healing sessions from the creative Eden Day Spa menu.

My standouts included the transformative Aloha therapy with the gifted Rachelle and Margot’s ‘wind-and-waves’ Kahuna massage.




Eden encourages you to stay in the ‘now’. Image: Zoe Macfarlane

Forget movies on a tiny screen, at Eden they keep you entertained with movement, workshops, and mindfulness.

With a philosophy of sharing the schedule the night before, Eden encourages you to stay in the ‘now’. That means no planning ahead and no obligation to attend anything – drop in as your present-moment self-desires. It proved a great lesson!




A little teamwork for one of the challenging activities. Image: Zoe Macfarlane

First class has many perks, including the intangible ones, like ticking off the experience from the ol’ bucket list.

While Eden’s fabulous classes (like Qi Gong and boxing) teach and inspire, some activities afforded a more transcendent reward. No spoiler alert on those three (voluntary) activities. Let’s just say, knees knocking, I took a leap of faith that left me with a sense of ‘badassery’.




Charming cabins atop the hill at Eden Health Retreat. Image: Zoe Macfarlane

Although more airlines have Wi-Fi onboard, I still applaud those moments when I’m blissfully offline.

Or I thought I did until I went on the Eden computer (1999 net café vibes) and found all social media sites banned. I felt shock, then rage, then grief. By the time I reached acceptance, I had acknowledged social media addiction.

In the ‘Life After Eden’ class, it was clear what I needed to work on for post-retreat integration.




Before & After time at Eden Health Retreat.

Eden Health Retreat proved to be one of the most nourishing week’s I have ever allowed myself to receive.

The exceptional therapies, nourishing food (still thinking of that cashew-cream pie), and liberation from decision-making eased my accumulated stress. The environment provided the space and purity I needed to heal.

Much like you make a commitment to yourself when you splurge on first-class, my six-day Eden stay was the upgrade I needed and deserved.


Have you ever booked a Health Retreat? Tell us about your experience below.