KARRYON’s General Manager, Anthony Valeriano, recently travelled on Fiji Airways from Sydney to Nadi and was surprised to have his name called across the airport PA system.

Having been to Fiji a few times now, I know there’s no need to rush for anything EXCEPT if you hear your name called out on the airport PA.

Yep, my name was being called as final boarding was taking place!

It was a close call, but I made it to the gate in time to smiling staff who were kind enough to offer me a ‘BULA’ despite my tardiness.


Checking-in & beyond

Checking in at 4.30am in Sydney was a breeze. No traffic on the road and no people traffic at the airport. I was able to move straight through.

The departure gate is a little further away once you pass duty-free so don’t get stuck into the new gadgets and remember to be at your gate early. The last thing you want is to be called over the PA announcing final boarding, especially if you’re seated right at the back of the plane.

OH YES that happened and so embarrassing. I just told the ladies I was practising Fiji Time.


The Seat and Entertainment

Morning flights are the best because they’re always a little quieter and I was lucky enough to have a spare seat beside me.

The seats on Fiji Airways are surprisingly comfortable and offer ample amount of room. The first thing I noticed upon boarding (albeit last minute) was that there were no TV screens on the seats. I instantly panicked – what was going to entertain me? But then I remembered it’s a quick hop between Sydney and Nadi and the book I had in my carry-on would fill the time perfectly.

Shortly before take-off, Fiji Airways played its safety videos on the screens hanging below the overhead lockers, as well as a couple of new releases mid-flight.

Helpful Hint: Families, highly recommend getting movies on your phone, iPad or tablet for the kids to keep them entertained.


Food and Service

From the moment you board Fiji Airlines you are greeted with HUGE smiles, big hearts and colourful souls. They really do look after you even at this unnaturally early hour.

Breakfast was served and it was delicious. It tasted so much better than it looks. Did I mention the Fiji water bottle was regularly being handed out to passengers? Some airlines you are lucky to get a drop. Such a great touch and I was kept hydrated throughout the flight.


The Verdict

Overly surprised with Fiji Airways and will definitely fly with them again. The service was spectacular, the food delicious and the whole experience overly pleasant. Definitely gets you into the mood for that well deserved holiday.


The Details

Flight: FJ914 SYD to NAN Departs Sydney at 6.30am
Class: Economy Class, 37D
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Timing: 3 hours 43 min flight time


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Have you flown with Fiji Airways before? Share your thoughts below.