Whilst everyone may be under the illusion recruiters typically stalk LinkedIn profiles all day with English accents and forget to call you back, here is a little insight and some tips to make sure you get the most out of your recruiter!

Thousands upon thousands of CV’s per day come across recruiters’ desks. Some very qualified, some ridiculously unqualified and some ACTUALLY qualified but they are so dreadful at CV writing you would be forgiven for thinking the candidates only skill is walking on the beach at sunset….

In addition to CV sifting, the chameleon life of a recruiter is beyond busy, the multiple personalities you must slip into whilst closing a deal is exhausting!  

One moment you are listening to the childhood hopes, dreams and expectations of a candidate, then you are trying to share these with a hiring manager who loves your candidate, but wants them to fulfil these dreams in a few years after they accept a position answering the phone and making tea …But with discounted travel benefits you know☺

They often frequent a meeting with CEO’s to manage expectations whilst listening to how important it is to them to find someone with 15 years IT experience who can switch to become a salesperson on the fly, be submissive to Mary in accounts when needed but manage the 23-year-old who will only talk to people in the office via Twitter.

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Often their days consist of using their counselling degrees for organisations during the three-month settling period of their placements. It is much easier to talk with your recruiter about the unhappy work environment or longer than expected bus route, than your new hiring manager!

All jokes aside, a good recruiter is a 360-degree recruiter which means their relationship with you is as solid as the one with their hiring manager. As surprising as it sounds… Hiring Managers don’t often actually know what they want!! It is a skilful dance the recruiter has to do to ensure they extract the information that they probably haven’t even clarified to themselves yet! Most of them do a great job at it and try to keep you updated, but here are some tips to get in front of them when you need to!

Here are some tips to get the most out of your experience…

1) Do ask your recruiter how often you should touch base, and by which method

We all know communication is vital to any relationship, In this day and age, everybody likes it differently. Clarify this up front.

2) Don’t be secretive about who you’ve approached…Be REAL… 

Always be honest about your business dealings. You are a brand and news travel fast, be honest if you don’t want to go for a job they approached you about. Thank them for the opportunity but always say if it isn’t your thing… and make sure you don’t double date! Be honest if you are talking to two recruiters, otherwise it makes you look bad (and slightly desperate)  to a new employer if they get the CV from two different people!

3) Call them….

I am old school (always bear in mind #1) but if you were told an answer by Tuesday and it is Wednesday, give them a quick buzz! You are selling yourself and it is always easier to get an honest response on the phone rather than an email!  9/10 times they aren’t calling you because they themselves don’t have an update! 

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Goodluck, there is so much positivity in the air for 2018, Go get em and use the wonderful recruiters available to you in our industry!

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